Owner, Louisiana Sisters, LLC

It takes a delicate hand to balance the delicacy of a family recipe with the demands of mass production, especially in New Orleans. Louisiana Sisters owner Sharon Mahne has managed to do just that, and the results are delicious.

Like most things in our city, Mahne’s story starts in a crowded family home.

“I grew up in a family of 10 siblings – three boys and seven girls – hence, ‘Louisiana Sisters,’” Mahne says. “My mom, dad, all of my siblings and our families, my aunts and several friends all joined forces to help in the kitchen to produce our products when we first started Louisiana Sisters.”

Even with all those people in the kitchen, demand still outpaced the workforce.

“Now we have co­packers producing our products to keep up with the demand,” she said. “The rest of this year and next I’ll be working with a young lady who’s studying for her Masters in Business. She will be helping us build a stronger social media presence.”

All of this helps support Mahne’s dream of building a business around her crowded family kitchen.

“I have always loved sharing our family recipes, and I love the easy Southern hospitality that goes along with hosting parties,” she says. “So when the idea stuck my sister and I to start a company that would share our family heritage of great recipes, it was a perfect fit.”