Celebrities’ eccentricities are the stuff of legend — no brown M&Ms, specific and pricey brands of bottled water — but Katharine Hepburn, one of the original divas, had one alleged quirk that makes sense to me. Her longtime friend and executor of her estate claims that Hepburn slept only on white sheets because she said that way she woke up in the same disposition every day.

I don’t really believe that sleeping on orange or striped or even crazy-patterned sheets would change my mood or personality, but there is something soothing, calming and elegant about high-quality pure-white sheets.

And as indulgences go, pricey sheets are pretty practical. Life’s just too short to sleep on cheap sheets, especially when you consider that (ideally) you spend one-third of every day sleeping. The idea of slipping between cool, crisp white sheets at the end of the day is sometimes all that can keep me going while slogging away through another brutally humid day.

If you don’t want to rush out and buy brand-new all-white bed linens, you have another way to celebrate white linen this month: White Linen Night, traditionally held in the Arts District on the first Saturday in August. And for a chance to air all of that dirty linen in public, come down to Royal Street for Dirty Linen Night the following Saturday.