Shelf Life

Many of the city’s old homes have fireplace mantels that are the architectural focus of the room. They are usually adorned with family photos, art and tchotchkes. My home has a non-working fireplace, but it didn’t have a mantel, so I purchased one from a salvage yard and painted it white to match the trim of the room.
Like many people, I love to seasonally change the décor on the mantel, since how the mantel is “dressed” often helps set the tone of the room. I used two Vogue patterns to create both of these festive holiday looks. The elegant white-on-white mantel scarf would be a nice addition to a formal room, while the red-fringed trim scarf would be a nice accent near the decorated tree. Both require minimal sewing, and in a pinch, hot glue will also work. The size of my mantel is 9-inches deep and 52-inches long, so adjust fabric requirements if yours is larger. •

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