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Meet Penn

Penn larocci is a born and raised New Orleanian. After graduating from Tulane University, she lived in NYC for nine years working in sales in marketing at an invest­ment bank. When she missed New Orleans more than she could stand, she moved back home, met her husband and started a family. She’s now raising two rambunctious little boys and spending her free time on envi­ronmental sustainability projects.

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Shop Talk Interviews: Mignon Faget

Shoppers Take Note

October is arguably the most intense shopping month of the year. Buckle up fellow shoppers, this month is not for the retail novice. As the pop-up ads on your social feed beckon you with promises of free delivery and discounts, remember one thing – the perfect white pumpkin for your Thanksgiving centerpiece or sparkly dress  can just as easily be found at one of our fabulous local shops.  

Need a great hostess gift? Pop over to Martin Wine Cellar or to Beth Biundo and order Halloween cookies to go with it. Need a fabulous dress? Ask an expert at Ballin’s or Joseph Stores to find you the perfect frock. Whatever you’re looking for, there is an expert nearby to help, and odds are they have been doing just that for decades. Case in point, Mignon Faget, the nationally recognized, New Orleans-based jewelry brand has been at it for 50 years. They’ve recently updated their logo and brand ethos to reflect the ever-evolving culture of our town. Be on the lookout for their new Neutral Ground Collection as well as a holiday fine jewelry drop while you are gift shopping. For more details, check out my interview with Sophia Perlander, marketing manager extraordinaire. 

Shop Talk Interviews: Mignon Faget

Mignon Faget has a new logo! Why did you choose to do this now and what does it all mean?  This is the first logo change in the history of the brand, and we felt after so many years we wanted to grow along with the people and city of New Orleans while also beginning to reach our branches out into the national market. We will remain true to our quality, local craftsmanship and timeless designs. At the same time, we really want to emphasize inclusivity and coming together. You will see this mindset artistically expressed through our new Neutral Ground Collection, which is in stores now! 

Is New Orleans still an important part of the brand?  Of course! Our Headquarters, Production and Design teams, and one of our three Galleries are based in New Orleans on historical Magazine Street, and we don’t plan on changing that! Almost all of our designs are influenced by the city itself. Everything from our Renaissance Collection is inspired by the intricate wrought iron balconies in the French Quarter, to the Banana Leaf Collection. We are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us here every day and the stories that come from it. 

What’s Next?  Stay tuned for a radiant Holiday Collection like you’ve never seen from us! Also, a full remodel of our Lakeside Shopping Center Gallery is in the works. It’s going to be a destination in itself! 

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