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What is Cajun Caviar?

It is a caviar produced from choupique or bowfin roe.

What do you do for the company?

I run the operations; a little bit of everything since we’re such a small company.

How does your product stand out in the market?

We have a local seafood delicacy fished from the fresh waters of the Atchafalaya basin. Our caviar is a premium bowfin, arguably the best on the market. The roe is milder than most and the pearls really separate and pop in your mouth.

Do you sell anything in addition to Cajun Caviar?

We sell our traditional bowfin, spicy bowfin and paddlefish, and starting next week we will be introducing a couple of different flavors of smoked salmon.

Tell us a little background on the company.

Commander’s Palace was the first restaurant to purchase our caviar over 30 years ago. We (Amy Wilson, Alden Lagasse and Allison Vega-Knoll) purchased Cajun Caviar in 2016 because we wanted more people to be able to indulge in this affordable luxury. We all have a passion for fine foods, and we thought with a new face, some marketing and a little work we could reintroduce Cajun Caviar to not only New Orleans but the greater South and beyond.

Is there anything else you’d like to highlight about Cajun Caviar?

Our home base will now be located at Larder, a new market in Metairie co-owned by my husband and Alison. Opened in mid-December, Larder sells all our products and features them on the menu. Last month we won food runner-up for Garden & Gun’s “Made in the South Awards,” which was a huge honor for us. Our caviar can be found at Larder, Martin Wine Cellar, Rouses, Langenstein’s, Whole Foods, Destin Ice and across many menus in the South.


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