How did Love Swimming start?  Marshall Love and Kaye Doiron saw a tremendous need in the community for warm water child-centered lessons, and in 2001 built a small boutique swimming school on Magazine Street in a commercial rental space that was less than 700 square feet. They had 72 swimmers signed up before they opened their doors.

There are lots of swimming programs, what makes yours special?  Fun! Above all else. We teach them to love the water so that they want to swim. Understanding child development, how kids learn and how to inspire kids to learn, is what sets us apart. Swimming lessons aren’t something we do to subsidize our fitness facility, they are all we do. We are swimming specialists. We love teaching swimming.

Are you using a particular method to teach swimming?  Teaching swimming is our number one goal. Learning to relax and let the water support you is key to developing strong swimming skills; equally as important is learning to move through it. Children can swim, with consistent exposure, by two. Consistent exposure is, of course, the key.

How young can you be to start?  We start our parent and tot classes that are equally fun for mom and dad at six months.

Why are your pools full of salt water?  Salt systems naturally chlorinate the water and it’s a bit easier on the hair, eyes and skin.

Is there anything coming up that you’d like to share?  Marshall and Kaye are currently founding a nonprofit that will allow Love Swimming to have a broader reach and a greater impact in the community for learn to swim programs.

Love Swimming, 5221 S. Front St., 891-4662,