Tell us about what happens at The Shard Shop?  The Shard Shop is a friendly make-your-own glass art boutique located in the heart of the Irish Channel on Magazine Street. We teach you how to design your own glass art using a mosaic-like technique placing glass on canvas or board, resulting in beautiful, sparkly, unique art. We use recycled wine bottles, sea glass, tumbled glass, broken shards,and cast-a-way pieces from glass blowers, and capture it all in a clear, glossy resin. Our friendly art instructors help guests find their creative souls. We live by the motto: “Anyone can be an Artist.”

How long have you been open?  We’ve been open a year and half. The first day we opened we pulled people in off the street to make art for free. Everyone we had in that day was thrilled and they took to social media. We haven’t stopped since!

How do customers like it?  Our guests love it because it’s easy. A class takes about an hour. We offer as much or as little help as you’d like. We have stencils, idea books and sample art. You’re only limited by your imagination. People surprise themselves every day.

What kind of customers do you have?  Our customers are the most amazing people. They are locals and tourists, from ages 5 to 95. They include everyone from kids who celebrate their birthday with us to Mardi Gras krewes, families, groups of friends – anyone who wants to learn something fun and new and create something beautiful.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about that’s coming up or we wouldn’t know about it?  We are the place to party! We offer kids, adult and corporate parties. If you book your office holiday party before October 31, you’ll get a free $100 gift certificate.   We’re also offering new workshops this fall including dirty pour classes, geode art classes and a “Pimp Your Mirror” two-day workshop to makeover your mirror by adding glass and resin. Make it sparkle!

The Shard Shop

3138 Magazine St., Suite C