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Shop Talk: Cristy Cali

Tell us a little background on your business.  In October 2012, I started my own business after working in my family’s retail jewelry business for seven years. Since I had spent so much time in a retail environment, the freedom of online business was extremely attractive to me. It was also nice to have more creative freedom. At first, I started designing jewelry I knew there was a strong market for – New Orleans-inspired pieces. In 2015, I started my metaphysics studies, which began transforming my designs into more conscious pieces in a spiritual sense.

How does your Guatemalan heritage play into designing your jewelry?  I am extremely proud of my Guatemalan heritage and I love incorporating that passion into my designs. My culture is now becoming more influential in my creative process as I have begun product development in my home country. In my most recent trip, I visited a very small village a few hours outside the city and met with local producers to see if they were interested in working with me to develop custom products for my shop.

In addition to your wearable art, you’re a holistic life coach, spiritual counselor and a metaphysical teacher. Which of these aspects is your favorite part of business?   My favorite aspect of my business is inspiring and empowering people to be the best version of themselves, while staying true to their authentic purpose. These titles are all just labels that attempt to describe what I do, which is to share my passion for self-love with others. I also love to write and talk about how astrology can help us feel less victimized about different circumstances in life, and how planetary energies can influence our emotions.

What inspired the move to build a brick-and-mortar store?  About a year ago, I started feeling a little lost and unfulfilled with my impact on the world. While I loved the flexibility and freedom that came with online business, there’s nothing like being able to meet your customers in person. Traditional and old-fashioned jewelry stores can be overwhelming. I wanted to create a space where no one would ever feel intimidated, or as if they couldn’t afford something. I have pieces for nearly any budget and I wanted to create a space where everyone would feel welcome.

Is there a specific product or service you’d like to highlight?  Service-wise, I’m bringing my online coaching business to my shop. If anyone is looking for a holistic life or business coach, I’m available for booking through my website DrCristyCali.com. My mission is to help people create a business out of something they love, or improve their quality of life by broadening their current perception of their own reality. As my business expands, I’m also growing my efforts with community partners to support individuals’ overall wellness.

Cristy Cali New Orleans, 3110 Magazine St., 722-8758, CristyCaliNola.com




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