How did you start New Orleans Luxury Living?  I started as an agent four years ago under Gardner and have since expanded to create the New Orleans Luxury brand. I was inspired to do so through my own personal network of high-end interior designers, stylists and architects. Under this brand I’m not only able to offer my expertise as an agent, but serve as a facilitator for the entire process – from home buying to home design, turning real estate from a service into an experience.

How do you foster a strong and trusting relationship with your clients?  Building a brand and a reputation is about the utmost commitment to your clients – and a focus on the details. It’s a change in mindset from facilitating a transaction for the client, to fostering a long-lasting relationship. It isn’t unusual for me to be in contact with clients after escrow closes –helping them with an additional property or just choosing the best restaurant for a special occasion.

What sets your business apart?  My background in finance and marketing helps set me apart by my ability to properly price and prepare properties. I utilize all the latest marketing innovations to make sure my clients’ properties have the best exposure. I take personal interest in every detail, from staging for photoshoots to complex negotiations and inspections. New Orleans Luxury advises clients through the solutions-driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand, built of agents who demonstrate unsurpassed knowledge, drive and results, down to every detail of the transaction.

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