Shop Talk Interviews: Stoney Clover Lane

Meet Penn

Penn larocci is a born and raised New Orleanian. After graduating from Tulane University, she lived in NYC for nine years working in sales in marketing at an invest­ment bank. When she missed New Orleans more than she could stand, she moved back home, met her husband and started a family. She’s now raising two rambunctious little boys and spending her free time on envi­ronmental sustainability projects.

Everyone loves a good sweat, some would argue the people of Finland most of all. It is a significant part of their cultural identity. A centuries-old practice, the Finnish Sauna Society has proudly listed by UNESCO as an ‘intangible cultural heritage’ of Finland. There’s even a Finnish proverb that loosely translates to “No sauna, no home.” Not sure what the literal translation is, but the loose translation sounds definitive. Due to the rising popularity of infrared heat, there are several new at-home options available to purchase right here in New Orleans. At last, you can finally invite your Finnish friends over without judgment!  

In all seriousness, saunas (specifically infrared) have become quite the rage far beyond Finland. What’s the difference? A traditional steam or dry sauna heats up the air around you, which then causes you to sweat. Infrared saunas use panels that emit infrared light to heat the body directly. Because of this, infrared sauna temperatures do not have to be as high as their traditional counterparts. Thus, folks can endure longer sessions inside and experience increased benefits. What are those? According to various sources there are plenty. Most notably, an increase in blood flow and heart rate, improved sleep, faster muscle recovery and healthier skin. Of course, individual results will vary.  

Erin Romney, owner of Romney Studios (and MVMT) is all in on infrared heat. As a leading wellness expert in New Orleans, she is always on the hunt to help her clients become the strongest, healthiest version of themselves. She has infrared panels installed in her studios and specifically loves the brand Higher Dose for at home use. Now, you can purchase one of three Higher Dose products directly from Romney Studios; the infrared sauna blanket, the infrared PEMF mat or the full spectrum infrared sauna. Discover why she loves the products and how you can acquire something for yourself. 

What benefits from infrared heat have you experienced personally? I love using the Higher Dose infrared sauna blanket for detoxification. I feel lighter and more energized after one session but feel results with consistent use. I use the blanket as often as possible (3-4 times a week) for up to an hour. 

Do you plan to implement infrared light further into your studios? We’ve used infrared technology for years at both of our studios for heated classes like power yoga, yoga sculpt and pulse. They are some of our most popular classes. The infrared heat helps deepen your stretch, elongate your body and raise your core body temperature for a higher calorie burn. The infrared heat specifically warms your body from the inside. This aids in detoxification from heavy metals and improves circulation. 

Do you have a preference between the sauna blanket vs the full sauna? The blanket and mat are ideal for a small space. Both are easily wiped down and stored after use. But, if you have the space, the full sauna is the most relaxing of all three. 

What is the best time to use the sauna or sauna blanket? I love using the sauna blanket in the evening to unwind and relax. It helps me reduce anxiety and get into a deeper state of sleep.   

Can you try before you buy? They are not officially available to try before purchasing, but I am happy to answer any questions about the products and their technology. If you have taken one of our heated classes, you’ll be familiar with infrared heat. We think you will love the results and the convenience of having an at home option!