What makes Bra Genie different?  Customer service and selection! We employ expertly trained fit stylists at each store, and we’re the only store with a bra fit guarantee. Each location has over 180 sizes (28A through 50K) and around 10,000 bras in the “bra vault.” This allows us to find each customer’s unique fit.

How did you get involved?  I had been working in the lingerie industry since 1999, and I saw a need for better sizing, fashion and quality, so I started this fitting business from my home in 2005. Now we’ve grown to three stores with over 30 employees!

Are there any great customer stories you can share?  We have so many loyal customers, and it especially warms my heart when three generations come in together!

What are your favorite things in store right now? Two of my favorites are the incredible selection of swimwear brands and sizes for the young and young at heart, along with our soft and silky PJ Harlow sleep and loungewear.

What are the most common mistakes people make with lingerie?  The most common mistake we see is customers coming in with a bra that doesn’t fit. It may be shocking to hear, but studies show that eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. Not only does the correct bra size look better, but it also feels better, reducing back and shoulder pain. Another common mistake is wearing the same bra day after day. Many women don’t realize that your bra needs a day of rest between wearings so it can maintain its shape, otherwise it stretches out and doesn’t fit the same. We recommend a minimum of three new bras per year, and the more bras you have, the longer they last!  

Bra Genie, Multiple locations in Covington, Metairie and Baton Rouge; TheBraGenie.com.