Shoptalk Joe

What are your duties at California Closets?

I’m the owner of the local California Closets business, but my most important duties are as our Chief Culture Officer, which means setting the course for an exceptional client experience. This includes having the best team members as well as the resources for them to be successful. I also handle all marketing, real estate and sales management.

What do you offer in addition to closets?

We do pantries, garages, media centers, home offices and custom storage along with wardrobes, laundry rooms and any space you want to optimize with a design aesthetic that will increase the value and beauty of the property. We do many other spaces, including commercial spaces, multi-family buildouts and business offices. With our free consultations, we help people imagine any space with the organization and beauty they deserve, at a price that makes sense.

What kind of closets are you known for?

We work with any and all spaces. We can transform an existing reach-in or even build a custom master closet with lighting, glass inserts or doors, hidden safes and all sorts of wonderful additions.

What can a custom closet do to upgrade a home?

The value invested in a custom closet has been shown to provide a 100% return upon the sale. Our design team knows how to optimize a space and work within a budget to get the homeowner the property of their dreams. It isn’t always about resale value though, oftentimes the upgrades are appreciated more and more each day for the utility and sense of calm that being organized brings.

Are there any new product launches or upcoming collections?

We have an amazing array of new home office materials, including sit-to-stand desks in gorgeous new board colors inspired by Italian finishes to make a space useful and stylish. We have a new modular system we’ve launched in partnership with Martha Stewart that can be transported easily and is very attractive to millennials.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about yourself or your company?

We truly believe in giving back, and so have a “small town values” perspective. We offer additional savings to our Veterans (I’m a USMC Veteran of Desert Storm myself) and we truly become a client’s advocate on their projects. The price of materials has increased, but we’ve maintained our prices due to our growth.


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