Shop Talk: Kim Alvarez

What is Landscape Images best known for? 
We are known for turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces. We are a full-service landscaping company for residential and commercial properties that practices a “design, build and maintain” philosophy. We pride ourselves on creating truly unique gardens and outdoor living spaces that are tailored to each client’s individual aesthetics, wants and needs. 

What are some landscaping challenges unique to New Orleans? 
A challenge that’s unique to New Orleans is the size of its outdoor spaces. So many front and backyards are on the smaller side, and it requires us to be extremely creative in making every square foot count. We love to utilize every space available on a property, including those little side alleys leading to the back.

What are some up-and-coming landscaping trends? 
2021 is the year of the fire pit! We have seen a huge uptick in clients requesting outdoor fireplaces, built-in fire pits and propane-powered fireplaces. Since the pandemic, we’ve also noticed that clients are putting more emphasis on their outdoor spaces, wishing to provide both beauty and function. Their backyard isn’t just a yard anymore – it’s an escape or oasis away from the home which has now become the office or school. This means more outdoor kitchens, pools, fire pits and lighting.

What are your most utilized services? 
Since we practice a “design, build and maintain philosophy” we’d have to say all three. Our goal is to design your dream space, create it and then maintain it so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Does the firm have any projects it would like to highlight? 
This fall we designed and installed the pool, hardscape and exterior landscaping at The Chloe on Saint Charles Avenue, which was a project close to our hearts. I highly suggest a visit. We were able to create a truly special and uniquely New Orleans ambience. 

How does Landscaping Images work to honor their clients’ requests? 
Each project we do is completely unique because our landscape architects really take into consideration the client’s individual aesthetics, wants and needs. The design process starts with an hour-long, on-site consultation where we really get to know the client and the vision they have for their space. From there, we create and present a preliminary design here at our office and take the client through our nursery so they can see the plants, pots and water features. It is so important to us that the client is involved in every step of the process to ensure that all their requests and expectations are met.


Landscape Images, 655 Central Ave., 504-734-8390,

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