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Shop Talk: Mark Francis

What is the significance of Vista Shores’ three distinct “neighborhoods”?
These neighborhoods are designed to offer individualized and unique care to accommodate each person’s individual journey to wellness, happiness and health.

What is the most important aspect of caring for seniors in living communities?
The most important aspect is recognizing that no two residents are alike. Everyone is celebrated in their own unique way, with care plans designed to meet those needs. Vista Shores embraces every resident’s dignity and respect: southern hospitality at its finest.

What are some interesting activities available for residents?
There is live music, a happy hour, education classes and on-site physical therapy.

What are some indicators that a loved one may need additional assistance?
There are so many indicators. It could be a lack of appetite; becoming uninterested in conversation or going out with family or friends; bad eating habits; or not drinking enough water. Oftentimes loved ones may have trouble keeping up with personal hygiene. 

What is “person-centered care”?
Person-centered care is based on whatever one specific individual might need. As an example, we might play bingo 15 different ways for 15 different people. It’s our job to worry and care and it’s the families’ job to enjoy quality time.

How does Vista Shores work to support resident independence?
We support resident independence by over-communicating on both the physical and emotional needs with family and residents to continue to exceed expectations.


Vista Shores, 5958 Saint Bernard Ave., 504-688-3048, VistaShores.com

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