SHOP TALK : Mimi Robinson

How did you get your start?
Four women, including Mary Lou Ochsner, started the business nearly 35 years ago. I joined as a partner in 1978 and ended up the sole owner. I renamed it MIMI and moved from Hampson Street to the Warehouse District, where we stayed until 12 years ago.

What’s your preference, designer or couture?
Couture is only available in Paris and for a very elite few. Sometimes we say couture and we mean designer. Today we mix designer fashion with inexpensive items.

Michael Kors and Vince. MK is a high-end designer and is the nicest, most genuine person in the industry; a loyal friend and a true talent. Vince is more casual, with simple, clean lines.

Up and coming designers?
Reed Krakoff, Time’s Arrow for handbags and Sophia Webster for shoes.

Ever made a fashion mistake?
Yes, no one is immune, but fashion isn’t permanent and people have short memories!

What are you most excited about right now?SHOP TALK : Mimi Robinson
Our shop refit! We worked with the amazing Olivia Rosenthal of Olivia Erwin Interiors. Her portfolio includes Tom Ford and James Perse stores.

Without real seasons in New Orleans, how can we enjoy fashion trends?
Designers use all-season fabrics and Italians are geniuses at fabric mix and design. The new stretch fabrics are the best things to happen in fashion for years.

Do we all need stylists today?
I think we all need input to help us stop buying the same things over and over. All of us need a push out of our comfort zones; style comes from work and experimentation.

5500 Magazine St., 269-6464,


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