Shop Talk: Nathan duToit

Tell us about how you came to set up Storyville Jazz Agency?  A couple years ago I was encouraged to fulfill something that seemed to be missing in the New Orleans jazz community: A top-notch service dedicated to representing the best traditional jazz talent the city has to offer. It is my mission, alongside these musicians, to keep New Orleans jazz alive and thriving.

How did you choose the name?  We specialize in the early styles of jazz music. Storyville, New Orleans’ vice district in the early 1900s, was one of the neighborhoods where jazz music began to flourish.

What makes your agency different?  We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that’s unmatched in the New Orleans jazz community. I’m honored every day to work with the finest musicians in New Orleans – veterans of the scene as well as the best young talent.

What kind of artists do you represent?  Classic, traditional, early jazz … New Orleans jazz!

For what kind of events do you supply performers?   We cater to every type of event, big and small. Our services are global and we book for a variety of special events, public venues, concerts and festivals.

Can you tell us about some recent bookings?  I recently booked the Northwest Pilots Association banquet, held here in New Orleans. It’s very exciting to share our music with jazz lovers from all over the country. We love to provide full jazz bands for special occasions!

Who are your favorite performers?  It was my dear friend and colleague Steve Pistorius that gave me the big push to start the agency. His piano playing is such a joy to listen to, plus his passion for New Orleans music comes out in every performance. I’m also a big fan of New Orleans favorites Wendell Brunious and Duke Heitger, both trumpeters.

What’s coming soon?  We’re getting ready to book house concerts, an old New Orleans tradition that brings the salon format right into people’s homes. We also have a special project, “Piano Professors of Storyillle: The Music of Tony Jackson & Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton” that we’ll be booking for 2019-2020.

Storyville Jazz Agency

920 Poeyfarre St., Suite 111, 301-8668,,


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