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Robert Lewis John Jr., Robert “Bobby” Lewis John Sr. and Robert Lewis John III

What is your role at J&J Exterminating? I’ve worn many hats throughout my time at J&J Exterminating. Having grown up in our family business, I’ve had the opportunity to work within all of our departments. Currently, I’m the regional operations manager over our southeastern region.

What is the most common extermination problem? One of the most destructive and common pests that we deal with in Louisiana are two species of subterranean termites. Our climate in Louisiana allows for them to thrive. There has also been an increase in bedbug activity in the last couple years.

What is your most popular new service? One of our more recent programs that we offer our customers is the Platinum Program, which is a monthly service that includes coverage of all common household pests, mosquitos and fleas. This is a premium service we offer for those customers that want to be covered for anything and everything.

What are some long-term effects that can occur if pest problems go untreated? Depending on the pest, the result of failure to treat for a significant amount of time can lead to damage to one’s health and property. This can range from significant structural damage to various health issues.

What is something people don’t know about extermination? It’s a fun business! We really love what we do and truly enjoy being able to protect our customers’ homes and families. Partly an extension of public health, our industry helps control vector-borne diseases that can be transmitted by various pests, mosquitos and ticks.

What sets J&J Exterminating apart from other pest-control companies? J&J Exterminating is special because of our people – we have some of the best and most tenured industry folks out there. We take pride in our employees, as their knowledge and experience allows us to best serve our customers.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about yourself or your company? We are truly thankful and blessed that we have been able to serve our fellow Louisianans for over 60 years, which has allowed us to become the largest family-owned pest control company in Louisiana. We’re very excited to expand our company by bringing our mission and service to our neighbors in East Texas.

J&J Exterminating, 416 Commerce Point, 833-6305,

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