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Shop Talk | Shauna Leftwich

Shoptalk ShaunaWhat does an average day look like at Ashley Hall Interiors?

It could be an installation day where we would be pulling and packing up all the lamps, accessories and embellishments from our showroom to polish off our installation. If we were preparing for a presentation, we would be selecting fabrics, furniture, paint colors or wallpaper from our vast collection of manufacturers. Other days we are tying up loose ends and checking in on projects.

What are some of the steps that go into designing an interior for a client?

We always like to spend a little time getting to know our clients to get a general feeling for their preferences. Do they like French, industrial, modern or retro? What color palette do they lean toward? Everyone seems to have colors that make them feel happy, peaceful or excited. We try and figure out the size and purpose of the client’s space. The client’s lifestyle is essential to designing a space that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

What other services do you provide?

Along with our design services, a lot of the time we become something like project managers. It seems rather fitting since we have great working relationships with a lot of contractors and subcontractors, and we’re very specific about the design details.

What are you excited about currently?

The thing that we’re particularly excited about recently is that your outdoor space can be as beautiful as your indoor space. There are so many beautiful outdoor furniture and textile options now. All of these wonderful options for outdoors can be multifunctional and used indoors as well.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about Ashley Hall?

Since we’ve been in business for 53 years, we’ve designed almost everything, both large and small. Our designs are as unique as our clients. We try not to be repetitious and we want every project to have its own beautiful look. One of the big secrets of Ashley Hall is that we have a retail showroom filled with furniture, accessories, mirrors, lamps and rugs. We have been a part of the downtown neighborhood long before it became a residential hot spot. It has been very exciting to watch the transformation.

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