Shop Talk: Tammy O’Shea

What are some of your duties as Chief Marketing Officer of Fidelity Bank?  As CMO I’m responsible for brand management, advertising and public relations strategy, social media and all donations and events and sponsorships. I also serve as the corporate spokesperson. I work with all business entities to help them achieve their goals and to make sure our product lines are meeting the needs of our clients.

How does social media figure into your marketing strategy?  Social media is an important part of our overall strategy. We use it to humanize our brand, create a personality and to educate. We are careful in trying not to “sell” Fidelity on social media. We want our audience to learn more about
us and how we give back.

What is Fidelity Bank’s mission and how do you embrace it in your work?  Our mission is simply to be “Here for Good.” We have been around for 111 years, and so we make all of our decisions around our core value of longevity – so we can remain a safe, sound and relevant business in a rapidly changing industry. As a mutual organization we give back to the communities we serve. We do that through financial gifts, education and volunteerism. We “do good” by our clients by using our consultative approach, and by discovering our clients’ needs and offering the best solutions for them. 

What sets the Fidelity Bank experience apart from other banks?  We are a mission, vision and value-driven bank. In addition to our values, we combine personal service with technology. Our newer offices allow clients to visit with their banker or use self-service options. 

Are there any Fidelity programs, partnerships or community outreach events that you would like to highlight?  Our P.O.W.E.R. program was designed to meet the needs of women in business. In its second year, it has been highly successful and the women are extremely passionate about their involvement. We also offer a Community Partner program that we feel demonstrates our commitment to nonprofits. It provides an annual gift for banking with Fidelity. 

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your business or yourself?  Fidelity Bank also owns a large mortgage division, NOLA Lending Group. We have been the largest mortgage lender in the New Orleans area for a number of years. We are also proud of our Small Business Administration department. We were recently ranked the highest in the state by the number of loans closed.

Fidelity Bank, 830 West Causeway App, Mandeville, 913-9805,


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