Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Why do we often wait until the last minute to find holiday gifts for the most treasured people in our lives? Perhaps, it’s the pressure of getting it right? With just one grand gesture, we are expected to produce the most heartfelt, felicitous results. Typically, there are two ways it will go; a reassuring smile of approval with a corresponding look of, “honey you just get me,” or the dreaded alternative, “why would I want this” dumbfounded scowl. To avoid the latter, perhaps we can dig deeper into what might really make our partner happy. One way? Use their Enneagram Type as a guide. If you don’t know what their type is, get them to take a quick free test and find out! Or simply guess! If you are new to the Enneagram world, it is loosely defined as a typology of nine interconnected personality types used to help interpret patterns in how people understand the world and manage their emotions. Seems like a good way to uncover what your partner wants, right? So, during a recent chat with local Enneagram Coach, Liz Newcomer I gathered some basic principles for understanding each type and how that translates into finding the perfect holiday gift!

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Type 1: The Improver 

Loves when everything has its place. Think clean lines, organization, to-do lists and writing handwritten notes 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Audubon Birds Calendar, Scriptura
Atomic Habits, Octavia Books 
Weekly Planner, West Elm
Canvas and Leather Valet, Sophisticated Thread
Mechanical Pencils, Sunday Shop

Type 2: The Giver 

Loves taking care of others and feeling appreciated. Gifts from the heart, personalized items, and finishing touches will do the trick 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Monogram dessert plate, Judy at the Rink
Zodiac Necklace, Porter Lyons
Place cards, Judy at the Rink

Also, perhaps a homemade, personalized photo book with moments from this year, or an appreciation book filled with thank you notes from all the people they’ve helped this year. 

Type 3: The Performer 

Loves achieving goals, competition, recognition and the finer things in life 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Karaoke Machine, Saks Fifth Avenue
Casino Game Night Game, Bibelot Bagatelle
Habit Tracker/Planner, Etsy 

Experience: Staycation at the Four Seasons New Orleans 

Type 4: The Dreamer 

Loves to feel special and unique, appreciates things that are one-of-a-kind, has a creative spirit full of depth 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Gift card to the Bead Shop
Jungalow Decorating Book, Eclectic Home
Personalized Book Subscription, Faulkner House

Experience: Gift card to the Bead Shop, to create their own jewelry 

Type 5: The Observer 

Loves to learn about things that interest them, can be a collector of sorts 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Cabinet of Curiosities, Octavia Books
Estate Charm Bracelet, Lee Michaels
Marie Kondo Storage, Container Store

Experiences: Book an art class at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, Enneagram Session with Liz Newcomer 

Type 6: The Questioner 

Happiest feeling safe and secure, surrounded by friends 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Cocktail Shaker, Saks Fifth Avenue
Frozen Martini Glass, Phina
Protection Myst, Vibrant Market 
Safety Matches, Phina

Experience: A dinner party at your home with select group of friends 

Type 7: The Adventurer 

A glutton for experiences, loves food, travel, parties and the high life. Start them on a new hobby, or gift them a new experience 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Travel Bag, Tchoup Industries
Accidentally by Wes Anderson, Octavia Books
Coozie, Tchoup Industries
Sleep Mask, Phina,  

Experiences: Ropes Course Class at Loop Nola in City Park , Nature at Night at the Audubon Zoo After Dark (kids only), Hot/Cold Plunge Session, Vibrant Market 

Type 8: The Challenger 

Full of confident energy and like to feel in control of their environment 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Trackable Luggage Tag, Apple
Boxing Gloves, Alo
Accupressure Mat and Pillow Set, Amazon 

Experience: Dance class at New Orleans Dance Academy, A trip to Nola Motorsports Park 

Type 9: The Peacemaker 

Loves comfort, cozy 

Shopping for Your Partner by Enneagram Type

Rainbow Taper Candle, Judy at the Rink
Slippers, Jean Therapy
Reversible Throw, Phina 
Oil Pastel Set, Sunday Shop

Experience: A night at home or staycation 

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