It's almost the New Year, so here at we're going to put together a photo slideshow, set to some appropriate music, of the last year. But we don't trust ourselves to tell the full story of 12 whole months. We want you to tell it, through the photos you've taken over the last 52 weeks.

We're looking for 50-75 images total, capturing the best, worst and funniest of the last 365 days in New Orleans. Winning submissions will receive a photo credit on our website and, of course, our heartfelt congratulations.

The rules:

•No nudity. Sorry folks, we're a family publi…er, website. Keep it SFW, please.
•No more than five images per submission.
•Please use .jpg as your file format. It will save your grateful editor a whole three mouseclicks.
•All submissions must be made by 9 a.m. Friday, Dec. 23.
•No advertising, please. Photographs that feature only retail products, menus or specials boards will be discarded straightaway.
•Original work only, please. We're here to brag on your behalf. Take advantage of it.
•No watermarks or professional insigniae embedded into images.
•Send all submissions to

Good luck! The finished slideshow will run in this column in two weeks, on Dec. 30.