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Sign of the Times


Last year, Fleurty Girl owner Lauren Haydel and Jazz Fest artist Nan Parati pivoted and partnered together to bring New Orleanians a little part of the festival that was cancelled. The Jazz and Heritage Festival is set for October of this year, unlike it’s typical April/May weekend schedule, and Haydel and Parati are continuing to make custom signs for those wanting to fest in place during the regular festival weekends.

We’ll have a new interview with Haydel and Parati, but until then, catch up on last year’s blog about the signs and find out how you can get one of your own.




It’s a Sign

Fleurty Girl and Nan Parati offer customizable Jazz Fest-inspired signs, perfect for wedding gifting


The coronavirus has interfered with many couple’s wedding plans, but that doesn’t mean it has to interrupt the celebration on every level. Weddings and wedding-related events are typically filled with gifts and presents. Thinking of what to get your favorite couple, your best man or maid of honor or even a “thank you” gift for the host or hostess of one of your wedding festivities can pose a difficult task.

During the few months the coronavirus has affected the city of New Orleans, business owners and stay-at-homers have had to get creative. When the virus cancelled the popular New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Lauren Haydel, owner of the popular Fleurty Girl boutiques, had an idea. She reached out to the official Jazz Fest sign maker Nan Parati to make a Jazz Fest-inspired Fleurty Girl sign. When the image grew in popularity, Parati told BizNewOrleans.com reporter Rich Collins that Haydel called her and said if Parati made the signs Haydel would sell them to the Fleurty Girl customers, come and pick them up every day and ship them out.

As one could imagine, people jumped on the opportunity to have their own Jazz Fest sign and Parati told Biz New Orleans that she was almost on par with her typical Jazz Fest orders – which totals more than 3,000 signs in a month during the course of the festival – and made more than 1,000 signs in two weeks.

Though what would have been Jazz Fest has passed, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed your opportunity for a custom fest sign. These festival signs are iconic and definitely a New Orleans-inspired gift that everyone — especially Jazz Fest lovers — can appreciate.

You can order a custom sign for “The Smiths est. 2020” or your best friends at FleurtyGirl.net. Each sign is customizable and, once completed, not eligible for returns.



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