Demo Diva’s hot pink dumpsters and excavators have been a part of the New Orleans landscape for years now. Despite her company’s sassy name, founder Simone Bruni is down-to-earth and dedicated to supporting her community.

Demo Diva’s origin story is one of hope. Following Hurricane Katrina, Bruni dealt with the aftermath of a flooded home, as well as the loss of her job in the hospitality industry. To hustle up some income, she started work in the demolition field. By building on the trust of her neighbors – and some brilliant hot pink branding – Demo Diva grew from a stopgap into a bustling, highly successful business.
Supporting the community is part of Bruni’s philosophy as a business owner.

“In general, it is an honor and a privilege to be a business in any community. But it’s the responsibility of all businesses to give back. If the community is supporting you, you need to turn around and give back to the community,” says Bruni.

And Bruni is highly involved. She serves on the boards of Girls on the Run, Volunteers of America and the Salvation Army Fashion Show called “Heels for Hope.” She also works as Co-Chair for the American Heart Association’s “Go Red Luncheon.” In general, she likes to focus her efforts on supporting women and children.

One of Bruni’s proudest partnerships is her work as a board member for the North Shore Technical Community College. It is no surprise that someone so involved in the construction business encourages more young people to consider a vocational education. Young people can learn a crucial life skill, find steady work and provide more skilled labor to the city. She particularly encourages more women to enter the construction business as truck drivers, excavator operators and other roles.

Pink dumpsters may soon pop up in cities around the country. People from all over have expressed interest in Demo Diva franchise opportunities.

“Houston, I’ve heard you, and we’re coming,” says Bruni. After the floods, the Demo Diva team was inundated with calls about expanding the business to Houston. To open the future for franchise potential, the Demo Diva team got certifications in asbestos abatement, water damage restoration and smoke damage restoration. It looks like many more cities will soon benefit from Bruni’s construction and philanthropic endeavors.


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