Tell us about how you opened Simone’s Market? I was working at Good Eggs, until they closed in August 2015. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and a classmate from Tulane, AJ Brooks, expressed interest in opening a grocery store. We found the perfect spot on Oak Street. I wanted to have a market that had a mix of local and sustainable products, but also a chef to make prepared meals.

How long have you been open? Four months.

Are you meeting a need? Yes, there was a great need for a grocery in this area and there’s so much foot traffic in our neighborhood it’s easy for guests to walk over to get their pantry staples.

How much of what you stock is locally produced? I stock as much as is available in the New Orleans area: Produce from within 150 miles of the city and milk, beef and seafood from local sources.

What do you make in-house? We have an array of sandwiches, stocks, broths, lasagna, enchiladas, chicken pot pie, pimento cheese, smoked gouda mac & cheese, salsa and grape leaves.

What kinds of things do you sell? We have everything from pantry staples, small batch cheeses, ice cream, produce, beer, wine and liquor. We also have many brands you can only get here.

Is there anything else you want to tell us? We are going to be having Saturday tastings and we’re available on Waitr.

Simone’s Market

8207 Oak St.