I am horrible at ever figuring out what I want as a present. This is partially because I am not all that into stuff, partially because I am self-indulgent enough that I usually buy whatever I want for myself as soon as I want it and partially because I am insanely fortunate and grateful for the life I have just as I have it without needing anything more.

So when my husband or kids ask what I want for Mother’s Day, I typically just shrug. I mean, I would love to sleep in and then wake up to fancy coffee. I should probably get my toenails painted professionally because even Georgia could do a better job on them than I do myself, and I keep meaning to make an appointment with someone to do something about my eyebrows, which haven’t been tended to since my mom plucked them for me the night before senior prom. Cocktails with girlfriends sounds like a fun concept, but to be perfectly frank, between work and my kids and my natural introverted tendencies, I don’t have much of a social life, and although I have friends, I don’t really have, like, a clique that I could meet up with for easy-breezy gossip and margs (or whatever it is that groups of girlfriends do) on a Sunday afternoon. My husband already cooks most meals anyway – and cooks them well – so I can’t ask for anything more in that department. And of course most of all I appreciate any gesture the kids make, from the ubiquitous macaroni art to some of Ruby’s more recent and impressive efforts to illustrate her love and devotion to me.

But I don’t need or want jewelry or flowers or even brunch – just some time with my wonderful kids (bonus points if they play with my hair or give me a face massage, which is one of Ruby’s specialties); some time by myself, preferably curled under a blanket binge-watching “The First 48” while eating Cheez-Its; and some time with my mother and my mother-in-law, both of whom I adore. Oh, and coffee to start the day and red wine to close it out. Easy enough.

I hope all of you moms have a perfect Mother’s Day and everyone else has a perfect Sunday.

P.S. I know it’s a sucky day for a lot of people for a lot of reasons, and although keeping you in my thoughts doesn’t make a damn thing easier for anyone, please know that I am keeping you in my thoughts.