While most cities go quiet in January, New Orleans traditionally rebounds fast from Christmas and launches itself into Mardi Gras season. This year, we add hosting the Super Bowl, the country’s most televised sporting event, and you’ll be hard pushed to find one day in early 2013 when something fun is not going on.

However, we all know that this amount of revelry takes it toll; and not just on our bank balances, waistlines or Advil bottles but on our wardrobes!

How will we find a way to show up at all these events and maybe a birthday party or two and look fresh and fabulous every time?

Well we could hire a stylish and set aside an enormous budget.  Alternatively, read the tips below from some of the city’s most fashion forward experts.  They have come up with smart ways to work in some of the best catwalk trends of the season to help you, not your checkbook, look red hot.

1. Bonnie Novotny of Weinstein's: “There were some clear trends on the catwalks in Paris and elsewhere. Prints are going to be huge, all kinds of prints, plaid, small flower print, even tie-dye, so just add a piece to your wardrobe. Trousers, we didn’t see a full length pant anywhere, make sure you have a cropped pair ready to go and finally navy, navy, navy.  It is definitely the new black.  If you incorporate these trends there’s no doubt you’ll have a fashion forward edge to your look.”

2. Ron Jones of FeBe: “This season there’s a real opportunity to take things from your wardrobe and coordinate them differently to come up with a fun, updated look.  By taking a cue from the catwalk, mix day fabrics with nighttime pieces.  Instead of partnering that sparkly top with heels think tights and boots.  Take a nice cozy sweater and team it with printed jeans and maybe a shoe boot. By finding new ways to wear the same pieces, you’ll be able to come up with lots of ‘new’ outfits and still look on trend!”

3. Mollie Williamson of Angelique: “The ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule is passé. This season, we are loving shades of pale, anything from blush to stark white, looks fresh. One look we are really into is a Haute Hippo tuxedo blouse with embellished collar and cuffs, tucked into white winter wool pants.  Another great look is our Elizabeth and James stark white dress with fluttery sleeves. Head to toe neutral tones will also work for every event you might be going to so dig out your neutrals.”

4. Debbie Friedman of Total Woman: “It’s a hugely feminine season you can have fun with this year.  You can amp up the black tie look with a sparkly piece of jewelry, or use it to dress up some denim. Or buy a metallic jean or a sparkiy handbag and make that shine go a long way. Think about adding a touch of lace, it can be very subtle and sophisticated like a nude Kay Unger dress we have at the moment. Finally remember, these trends are available at every price point so whatever the shopper’s budget they will be able to pick up an item to reflect the season’s trends and then they can make it work across their wardrobes. 

5. Steven Putt of Saks Fifth Avenue: “Think shine. You can make the season sparkle at its best by adding a beaded or sequined handbag or a holiday jacket or topper. Or just by adding a sparkly shoe you can shine your way through.”

6. Mimi Robinson Bowen of Mimi’s: “My big tip for the holidays is attitude. Every woman should wear her best attitude and she will have fun and look fabulous. Also this  ‘Great Recession’ has brought fashion back to reality and trends are looking to classic, wearable clothing. One of the best interpreters of this classic fashion is Michael Kors. If you watch any television newscasters, you will find the majority of the top female anchors are wearing Michael Kors. It just works!”

Finally, a tip that a good friend passed on to me was: “If anyone comments on what you are wearing, good or bad, just say it came from Paris. “