If you’re a hopeless (or hopeful?) romantic, your makeup ought to look the part. To create the lit-from-within glow possessed by all infamous romantics, create a dewy face with a sheer foundation applied with a foundation brush and blended with a sponge. Go light on the concealer around the eyes, as it tends to settle into fine lines and give the skin a crinkled look. Only use a tiny bit around dark circles and use your finger to gently blend. Looking youthful is your goal.

For romantic-looking skin, forget full-face makeup – skin covered in foundation looks even and flawless from a distance, but up close it looks like it’s covered in makeup, which is very unromantic. So forgo base and apply a dusting of translucent powder instead, then apply a shimmery liquid highlighter to the temples, brow bone and down the center of the nose (this will reflect light and create a flawless-looking complexion). Baby pink blush is “a must” and should be applied, and blended, generously to the apples of the cheeks.

Eyes: ah, the windows to a romantic’s soul. Matte shadows are great for day, but come a romantic evening you need more oomph. That is where a shimmery shadow is perfect. Apply a cream, lemon, pink or peach shimmer shadow from lash lines to brow bones. Then sweep a pretty taupe or amethyst hue over or in your eyelid crease. Go light with eyeliner or try skipping it altogether and rely on black (two coats) volume-building mascara.

Remember that a bit of loose shimmer looks romantic, while loose glitter looks tacky. Think of loose shimmer as fairy dust and apply it to the lids, temples and even on top of lip gloss for an etherial look.

Kissable lips are necessary, so skip the leaves-marks-on-everything lipstick and go for a lighter, softer matte lipstick in baby pink, berry or apricot. I like to “pounce and bounce” the lip product on the lips (think just-eaten berries). You can apply just a small dot of shimmering gloss in the center for a moist pout.

Last of all, be confident, strong and alive; bat those lashes and smile – you’re beautiful!