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11 Key Looks for Fall

As the warmer nights fade and the days shorten, our sense of style changes. We don new clothes and accessories for autumn; some for fashion’s sake, while others for practicality as we seek to keep warm and dry. And whenever we adapt our style or fashion to a new season, there often comes the need to adapt our hairstyles – not all haircuts and colors are suited to all seasons.

More often than not, however, we simply feel like we’re bored with the old, and a new season is the perfect excuse to change a hairstyle. 



1. 1960s ponytail: Sitting low at nape of the neck with a little volume on the crown, this ponytail looks chic and effortless. Add a cat-eye liner, and wow!




2. 1960s bob: Bob. Vintage. Vintage Bob. I know by now you’ve read those words and have gotten the picture: vintage hairstyles are “in” for fall and winter. The 1960s bob is a case of leaving the ’20s behind, however, and giving the bob a lot of volume, texture and sex appeal.




3. Indie fringe: Fringes, otherwise known as bangs, are seldom “out,” but the way they’re cut and styled changes each season. For fall/winter 2012, the look is all about a thick, long cut with plenty of tousled appeal.





4. Textured side-braid: Fall and winter are seasons in which textured hairstyles are natural for most people. You can play it up, however, with a textured side-braid that updates the popular braided hairstyle with a winter infusion. Leave a few strands more loose than sleek.




5. Equestrian ponytail: This season the equestrian ponytail gets a softer reworking. Textured on top and finished with a leather tie, it’s a fresh take on the classic pony.




6. Twist: Do you like the textured side braid but don’t necessarily have thick enough hair to make it work? Try the twisted hairstyle. This softly waved hairstyle looks great with long hair, but it’s just as adaptable to shorter hairstyles. Just twist your front pieces and secure with a bobby pin (hide the bobby pins, please).





7. Tousled, flowing hair: It is simple enough that you can wear it all year round, but this tousled flowing hairstyle is particularly perfect for winter. Forget the weather – it’s all about having a bit of texture and careless wave.





8. Vintage wavy bob: Inspired by the 1920s fashion revival, this short hairstyle is actually a faux bob. Make a low ponytail and tuck and pin the ends under to make longer hair look perfectly bobbed.



9. Knotted chignon: Always a classic – try experimenting with a clean center part and low chignon. Perfect for longer hair, you can make it more unique with the addition of a little knotted effect.


10. Flapper bob: There is the faux bob and there’s the real haircut. Whichever it is that you like, this winter is all about styling it with a vintage flair.


11. Plaited buns: It counteracts the frizziness that normally comes with winter, and it has the perfect girly edge. This plaited bun look comes straight from Marc Jacobs’ fall/winter 2012 runway. Pair it with dark, grungy makeup or a look that’s a little softer and more romantic. The key point is that it’s such a simple hairstyle to master that you’ll find it easy to personalize and make your own statement.


As always, the key to trends is to see what looks good on you!


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