Small Wonders

Let’s face it: The day when bigger was considered better is over. We saw Super Size Me. We looked at our waistlines. We signed up for portion control. We saw the gas pump and began taking a second look at the cute MINI Cooper that always fits in the last tiny parking spot. And although the large American home will always have its place, we are also beginning to build smaller, more energy-efficient places to live.

In celebration of this aesthetic-of-the-small, New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles has picked out a variety of tiny, decorative and functional items to show how little can be very big when it comes to adding that necessary spot of quirkiness or touch
of beauty to a tabletop or a room.
Small Wonders
Blue Plate Special
Clockwise on large blue serving platter from World Market: Miso soup spoon from World Market with two silver salt spoons from As You Like It Silver Shop, silver candy-shaped pillbox from As You Like It Silver Shop in Asian condiment bowl from World Market, blue shot glasses from Wishes, white espresso mugs from World Market with silver spoon from As You Like It Silver Shop, silver-and-glass salt boat from As You Like It Silver Shop, and Asian condiment bowls from World Market. In center: Asian condiment bowl from World Market with glass hors d’oeuvres picks from Wishes.
Small Wonders
Light My Candle
On seahorse plate from Hazelnut: Candles from Target. On seashell plate from Hazelnut: Candle from Target. Seashells and other candles all from Target.
Small Wonders
Clearly Beautiful
Clockwise on glass mirror with root frame from Quince: Two antique decanters and sherry glasses, all from Bush Antiques; rectangular engraved pillbox, perfume funnel, money clip, perfume funnel and book-shaped pillbox, all from As You Like It Silver Shop; sherry glasses from Bush Antiques; perfume funnel and oval pillbox, both from As You Like It Silver Shop; and perfume bottle from Bush Antiques.
Small Wonders
A Bug’s Life
Clockwise on red-and-white Kerry Cassill napkin from Pied Nu: Sabre demitasse spoons and spreaders on blue espresso snack set, condiment dish and Sabre knife, all from Quince; bug from Target; miniature sterling mirror from As You Like It Silver Shop and bug from Target in green Mud bowl from Pied Nu; Sabre knife and spoon from Quince; snake and bug from Target; bugs from Target in pink Mud bowl from Pied Nu; lead cows and glass hors d’oeuvres picks from Wishes on orange espresso snack set from Quince; condiment dish, Sabre knife and Jeremie bluebird salt and pepper shakers, all from Quince; and snake from Target.

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