Smooth Operators

Fondant can take many forms and all of them make a bold statement


White almond velvet cake paired with a praline vanilla buttercream, covered in white fondant with sculptural white fondant accents, by One Fancy Cake, Instagram: @onefancycake


Almond cake with Italian cream, fresh seasonal fruit and a light raspberry puree, covered in various shades of blush, accented with rose gold veining and chocolate rose quartz-inspired abstract feathers, by Mad Batter Bakery,


Satsuma and almond cake iced with a cardamon buttercream in elegant, geometric design, by Bywater Bakery,


A traditional white almond cake with buttercream, praline and strawberry sherbet fillings, covered in white fondant with a simple and timeless pearl dot detail, by Chosen Cakes and Caterers, Instagram @chosencakes

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