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Wedding photography is arguably one of the most important parts of a wedding. These images are meant to last a lifetime. The question is, how does a couple ensure they snag the wedding photos of their dreams? Here you will find a list of tips to remember and added advice from local photographers Caitlin Barry of Caitlin B Photography and Tim Black of Tim Black Photography.

Research photographic style

Doing your homework is important when hiring wedding vendors. It is easy to get caught up in who your relatives or friends worked with for their weddings, but doing firsthand research will help ensure your style and vision come together. Researching photographers and their signature “look” is extra important. Create a list of your favorite style of photography, such as fine art, modern or photo journalistic for example, as well as a list of photographers. Comparing both lists side-by-side will help to determine which photographer’s style matches with your vision for the day.

Choose a venue with photos in mind

Many factors come into play when choosing a venue; budget and location usually being at the top of the list. However, aesthetic factors around the space should be equally as important. Will the lighting in the space affect the photos? Is there a well-lit, visually interesting area (maybe in the form of an exposed brick wall or dramatic archways) for family pictures or as a backdrop for the cake? Taking the time to scope out these details in a venue will make for stunning photos.

Book Early

The wedding photos of your dreams will not be possible if the wedding photographer of your dreams is already booked on the day of your wedding. Tim Black, destination photographer and owner of Tim Black Photography, tells us that most wedding photographers are booked anywhere from one to two years in advance, especially during “peak” wedding seasons. It is always wise, once you have decided on the date and location of the wedding, to book your photographer first. This will give couples a higher percentage of booking their ideal choice and will also get the ball in motion for engagement photos, bridal portraits and any other photography sessions the couple requests.

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Tim Black Photography; Caitlin B Photography

Meet With Photographer in person

It may not seem as important or it may seem obvious, but either way, meeting with your photographer in person benefits all of those involved. Caitlin Barry with Caitlin B Photography says, “When you meet in person, you get a feel for the photographers personality and how everything will run the day of the wedding.” Talking with them face to face will give you the tools you need to effectively communicate your wants, needs and wishes for the day and will also give the photographer the insight into you and your fiancé’s personalities. Knowing you and your fiancé as a couple gives the photographer the tools to capture those images that will mean the most.

Don’t skimp on budget

Budget is always the first conversation that pops up after the bride says “yes.” Divvying up the allocated finances for each area of a wedding can be a difficult task. Budgeting for less noticible and less expensive items such as photography is as essential as high ticket elements like the venue and catering. Barry suggests couples get more advice on packages. “Most of the time you can substitute or add to your package,” says Barry. “So, don’t be afraid to ask the photographer.”

Engagement session test shoot

Scheduling your engagement photos with your photographer allows you to see their style before the wedding. Instead of working with someone other than your photographer for pre-wedding needs, this gives the couple and the photographer a chance to feel out the situation and plan the perfect flow of events the
day of the wedding.

Make sure your photographer brings an assistant or second photographer

Barry says that making sure your photographer has a second photographer allows for multiple things the day of the wedding. If something happens to your photographer day of, you still have the wedding photos you desire. Furthermore, not only does this give couples more photos to choose from, but it also ensures that the key shots the couple is looking for are executed. Additionally, Barry notes that having a second shooter allows for alternate angles and ultimately better photos.  

Post Production importance:

Not every couple thinks of questioning the photographer’s post-production practices, but it can be vital. Barry urges couples to make sure the photographer will back their pictures up on multiple hard drives. It is always a better safe than sorry situation when it comes to important pictures of your Big Day. Black advises couples to ask how many of photos they will receive following the wedding and if the photos the couple receives will be watermarked or not. It’s good to also make sure you understand any copyright practices for the photos as well as everything you will need to order copies of your photos.



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