Bobby and Allison Hjortsberg with Liz and Jason Williams at the annual Son of a Saint fundraiser, held at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans in November. The event featured a three-course dinner, silent auction and patron cocktail party presented by Moët & Chandon and Link Stryjewski Foundation.

Jon DeTrinis, 2017 Son of a Saint Mentor of the Year (left) and Founder Sonny Lee (right) present Beau Martin with the 2018 Mentor of the Year award (center) at the Son of a Saint Gala on November 30, 2018 – which Mayor Latoya Cantrell declared Son of a Saint Day in the city of New Orleans.

The Elenian Club ladies in waiting, Madison Page Montalbano, Samantha Claire Montalbano and Emily Angelena Ingraham (seated) and debutantes Hayley Lauren Tanner, Tiffany Anne Hamburger and Olyvia Riana Foseca at “Ballo di Natale” at the DoubleTree Hotel in December.

Elenian Club President Lisa Ingraham sits with Joseph Montalbano, dressed as Santa Claus, and the club’s past presidents (standing) Mary Lynn Roberts, Nancy Hamburger, Robin Hummel, Eileen Boudin, LeeAnne Leopold-Savoie Judith Miranti and Faith Peperone.

Mae Mae Landry, Libby Payne, Coco Prokop, CC Johnson, Lanie DeMarcay and Sarah Hescock pose for photos at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Payne during a Dessert Party, held ahead of the “8 O’Clocks Dance” in December. (Photo by Natalie Wagner Photography)  

Charlie Martin, Coco McLeod, Morgan LeBourgeois, Grayson Eppling and Will Zurik take photos before attending the “8 O’Clocks Dance,” held at the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club on December 1, 2018. (Photo by Natalie Wagner Photography) 

Aidan Couvillon, Eleanor DeHoog, Beau Gibbons and Lila Coe at Mr. and Mrs. John Payne’s before the “8 O’Clocks Dance” in December. (Photo by Natalie Wagner Photography) 

Emmeline Moore, Morgan LeBourgeois, Will Zurik and Mae Mae Landry full of smiles before the 2018 “8 O’Clocks Dance” in December. (Photo by Natalie Wagner Photography)  

Peter Waring, Carey Hammett and Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni attend a holiday celebration, hosted by the Friends of Jefferson the Beautiful at the home of David and Greer Monteleone. (Photo by Harold Spinner) 

David and Greer Monteleone at their home in December, where they hosted Friends of Jefferson the Beautiful’s holiday celebration. (Photo by Harold Spinner)

Dr. Scott Delacroix celebrates the holidays with Jeannie Hillery and Jubi Hillery at their home, which they opened up to the LSU Health Foundation for a fundraising party, “Eat, Drink and be Giving.”

Mrs. Erin Delacroix shares a smile with her son, Dr. Scott Delacroix, at LSU Health Foundation’s holiday party, “Eat, Drink and be Giving,” which benefited cancer research and clinical care for the Department of Urologic Oncology at LSU Health.