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Sr. Ann Lacour, MSC, congregational leader of the Marianites of Holy Cross and Dennise Tabony, University of Holy Cross Board of Trustees, attended UHC’s annual Spes Unica Award ceremony, the university’s highest honor, held in the Old Metairie home of Rachel and Arnold Kirschman in June. 

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University of Holy Cross President Dr. Stanton McNeely III posed with Gayle Benson, recipient of UHC’s 2021 Spes Unica Award and Sr. Majorie Hebert, MSC at the award ceremony. Every year, the award is given by University of Holy Cross to a member of the local community who exemplifies the university’s mission and makes a true positive impact on the community.

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Arnold Kirschman, John and Donna Cummings and Rachel Van Voorhees Kirschman enjoyed an evening of food, music and champagne in celebration of the 2021 Spes Unica Awards.

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Man & Woman of the Year candidates John Sloan and Sarah Nelson attended the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s kick-off celebration with event chairs Sarah Martzolf and Mamta Melwani, ahead of the annual fundraising competition. 

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DaNi Raymond was celebrated as an honored hero by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society during the 2021 Man & Woman of the Year campaign, an annual philanthropic competition to raise funds and awareness about blood cancer.  

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Candidates for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man & Woman of the Year gathered virtually to celebrate the start of the 2021 campaign in April.

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On Friday, November 5, the annual “Zoo-To-Do Queens Luncheon” took place at Arnaud’s to celebrate “2021 Zoo-To-Do Queen” Leslie Gottsegen’s reign and kickoff plans for the 2022 event. Queens (back row) Bev Church, Michelle Reynoir, Linda Roussel, Beth Lambert, Olivia Manning, Cathy Cary, Mary Johnson and Catherine Freeman; (middle row) C.C. Langenstein, Liz Sloss, Pam Farnsworth, Ann Koerner, Kay Kerrigan, Peggy Laborde, Missy Lacroix and Carmen Duncan (front row) Libby Hoefer, Stephanie Feoli, Karen Reily, Leslie Gottsegen, Marilee Hovet, Caroline Calhoun and Caroline Reily with CEO Ron Forman.  

Snaps 08

James Moises, Owner of Bizou Wines, partnered with WYES to present “Grape Performances,” an online event series hosted by WYES to highlight local musicians, authors, actors and personalities.

Snaps 09

James Moises, Bryan Batt, Peggy Scott Laborde, WYES President & CEO Robin Cooper and Jay Batt posed together ahead of “Grape Performances,” an online event series highlighting local culture bearers and exposing viewers to new wines and winemakers across the globe. 

Snaps 10

Deacon John appeared on WYES for a special edition of their “Grape Performances” series, a socially distanced fundraising event to keep members and viewers connected during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Snaps 11

“Grape Performances” hosts James Moises and Peggy Scott Laborde celebrated Deacon John’s birthday after his appearance on WYES’ online event series.

Snaps 12

Peggy Scott Laborde raised a glass to toast Deacon John’s birthday ahead of his appearance on WYES’ “Grape Performances” online series.

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