Sold Out in Five Days

Jacques Rodrigue says the success of George Rodrigue's first posthumous print is a testament to his father's legacy.

You may have had your eye on the print “Mardi Gras 2014,” the first posthumous print from the Estate of George Rodrigue, but if you’re hoping to get one by Mardi Gras this year, you’re too late.

The print sold out in five days.

“We had no idea it would sell out that fast,” says Jacques Rodrigue, the son of the late George Rodrigue and the executive director of the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts. The print, “Mardi Gras 2014,” was designed by George Rodrigue before he died Dec. 14, 2013. Jacques was hoping the limited amount of 450 prints would sell by Mardi Gras, but he wasn’t sure.

Instead, the print sold out within the first five days of being released, with most of the prints going to Louisianians. Jacques says the number of prints sold in the state shows the loyalty of his father’s local fans. “It was really the Louisiana fans who stepped up,” Jacques says.

The Estate of George Rodrigue will be releasing prints periodically. (Jacques says those interested in learning more should sign up for the mailing list at The George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts is also keeping the legacy going with other programs, such as the 2014 Art Contest, which will award $45,000 in scholarship money. Jacques says his dad would be so happy that his art is still reaching fans of his work, even after he’s gone.

As far as the print selling out so quickly, Jacques says his dad would love it. “He always loved getting his artwork out and to the public,” Jacques says. “For the public to buy out [this print] so quickly, he’d be thrilled.”


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