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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been seduced by beautiful shoes. You’ve also probably ended up in excruciating pain, your feet killing you.
As a bride, standing up for 10 hours, you do not want to make this mistake again and end up wincing and grimacing through the Big Day.

Angelique Palumbo, owner of Angelique boutiques in New Orleans, has good news for brides and everyone else.

“When we walk in heels, our curves are accentuated and we become sexier,” says Palumbo. “Fortunately you can wear high heels and still have happy feet, as long as you choose wisely.”

Here are Palumbo’s tips:
• Look for soft fabrics: The iconic Manolo Blahnik peep-toe satin pumps with brooches will mold to your feet.
• Spend 10 to 15 percent of the cost of your dress on shoes: The more expensive brands have extra padding for comfort and you can wear your shoes again and again.
• Think mesh and strappy sandals: On trend and with room for your feet to breathe, the choices are limitless.
• Familiar is good: Stick to the same height you usually wear or go for a platform to go high.
• Consider the location: A jewel encrusted sandal will work for the beach or a sturdy embellished wedge will be comfortable on grass.

However, no matter how good the shoe is, wearing it in the sweltering heat can lead to pain and blisters. Dr. Anthony Perry, a podiatrist with Ochsner advises:
• Choose leather or natural fabrics, as synthetics will make your feet sweat.
• Buy a pair with some room, because dancing and alcohol make your feet swell.
• Wear them around the house for a few weeks and ask a shoe repair shop to stretch tight areas.
• Place a corn pad over any remaining areas of pressure.
• Change your shoes during the day, wear your highest, sexiest heel down the aisle and then switch into something lower.
• Keep a cornstarch-based powder handy or use antiperspirant to minimize sweating.
• Remember lower heels and better cushioning will relieve pressure from the ball of the foot.

Start toe TLC early
Patricia Bereciartua, owner of Le Visage Day Spa, advises brides to treat themselves to regular pedicures six months before the wedding.

“Brides should have a pedicure every four weeks so we can deal with any sore spots or calluses and try colors,” says Bereciartua. “We include a hydrating treatment and to avoid dryness we advise against flip flops or going barefoot. We use Footlogix products and recommend an at home regime.

“A final pedicure right before the day will ensure feet are well exfoliated and hydrated and polish, especially gel, will last longer.

“Our leg and foot massage stimulates blood and lymph flow to clear toxins. Brides also enjoy the relaxation and stress relief it provides, it’s a moment of calm amidst all the festivities.”




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