Other versions for the reason of the name may swirl about, but the new Double Dealer bar, located in a basement directly below the Orpheum Theatre (yes, a basement) actually derives its name from a 1920’s era regional literary magazine. 

The space may have actually served as a “speak easy” bar during Prohibition, which is likely since New Orleans never had the reputation as a town that obeyed the strict elimination of alcohol during those years.

It is also likely, but unromantic, that the bar’s area, boasting thick concrete walls, stored large chunks of ice used to cool the theatre during warmer seasons, of which New Orleans has several.  

Double Dealer is accessed via a stairway within the Orpheum to the right of the main doors. Suffice it to say that the drinks are very good, comprised of both classic cocktails and those created here. The space is fairly large, with plenty of seating areas, a great bar, and some curtained booths, more for effect than discretion.  

Many evenings, no doubt, will begin here, while others will fittingly be the nightcap highlight.

No Mask of a Woman

1.5 ounces London Dry Gin

0.5 ounce of Green Chartreuse

1 ounce simple syrup

0.5 ounce fresh lemon juice

Two sage leaves

Build everything over ice, shake, dirty dump and strain. Garnish with sage leaves.