Something Old Something New: Pandemic Inspires Throwback Wedding Food Trends


Besides the Saints, there is very little that New Orleans gets serious about outside of food. Conversation is peppered with questions like: What’s on the menu? What’s for dinner? What dish are you bringing? Food in New Orleans, Louisiana in general really, is a serious business.

When COVID-19 began to detour wedding plans, one thing that we knew we had to get right was the food. So when the online wedding registry and planning experts Wedding Wire released a study on the new COVID-influenced wedding food trends popping up or gaining in popularity, it got our attention. Wedding Wire surveyed wedding professionals from around the country and found interesting, or perhaps more traditional, methods vendors are using for weddings and events trying to abide by COVID restrictions and rules.

Naturally, like we’ve seen all over the city, many professionals noted the increase in safety measures they are implementing across their teams, from those cooking the food to those serving the food and drinks. Temperature checks, masks, gloves and more are expected from the staff of any restaurant or catering company.

When it comes to the actual food and presentation, table service with individual plates or bento boxes are on the rise. But, that doesn’t mean the buffet is gone forever. With certain safety measures taken by both guests and servers, it’s doable. Now, it’s more about keeping the lines thinner – with guests being invited in waves to buffet stations – distancing guests and make sure everyone is wearing masks while waiting in line.

Passed individual bento boxes, like mentioned before, and individually plated items are making their appearance for cocktail hours or during the reception. Wedding Wire quotes David Briggs of Boston Catering and Events in Boston, Massachusetts, as saying, “Along with the hors d’oeuvres we serve mini individual cheese boards and individual crudités.” And that they are selecting more items that can be served with tongs or in its own small plate or vessel. “For example,” continued Briggs, “crudités in a rocks glass with the dip in the bottom, or having a hot or cold hors d’oeuvre with the sauce and garnish composed on that small plate or wonton spoon which is then handed to the guest.”

And finally, Wedding Wire noted changes in bar services, which next to food is highly important for a Big Easy festivity. Like many food-related restaurants or fast food locations, many wedding bars are sporting plexiglass partitions between the bartenders and the guests, as well as utilizing staff and passing around drinks “butler-style” and servers taking drink orders for seated events.


Until the coronavirus is curbed, instead of canceling fun and love, couples will have to keep safety measures in place to make sure everyone is safe and having a fantastic time.


Did you have to work with your caterer to implement safety measures in your reception or wedding event? Let us all know in the comments below.



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