How did you get your start in the business?  I began my optical career when I was 19, working for an optometrist in Alexandria, Louisiana. I’ve worked in just about every facet of the optical business and I have over 30 years experience. It is wonderful to help someone see better and look great.

What makes Optical Shoppe different?  The Optical Shoppe stays on the cutting edge of eyewear fashion and optical lens technology. Our staff is highly trained to help customers select proper fitting eyewear as well as the best lenses for their visual needs.

What is coming into the store that you’re excited about?  I will be ordering the newest styles from a trade show in NYC in March.

Are all lenses equal?  No, all lenses are not equal. We sell only the latest in digital lens technology to offer our customers the best vision. There is no comparison to the quality of lenses and coatings that we offer compared to a discount optical.

Give us the best advice for choosing glasses?  A proper fit is key to seeing your best and having your glasses be comfortable. It is important for the optician to see your prescription in helping with your frame selection. Our opticians are trained on all the aspects of fitting eyewear. Also, buying from a local optical shop that will be there for you to help with repairs and adjustments is a wise decision.



The Optical Shoppe

800 Metairie Road, Suite Q, Metairie