Grace Kaynor
Craig Mulcahy photo

Inside the walls of Sotre, owned by interior designer Grace Kaynor and local film location manager, Virginia McCollam, one can truly experience the embodiment of the oft-used word “eclectic.”

The lifestyle store’s items range from exquisite vintage linens to a Florentine perfume produced by a Santa Marie Novella, a company that’s been in business since the 14th century. New items in the store include hand-woven baskets from Rwanda. “They are lovely, brightly colored works of art and each basket is made by a different woman. Each basket has a story about the craftswoman who has woven the basket and what her art means to her and to her family; it’s truly inspiring,” says Kaynor.

Kaynor’s is passionate about design, the environment and helping her clients create beautiful places to live out their lives. She says she is inspired by nature – “flowers growing in beautiful gardens I see in town in spring; butterflies and insects in the summer; colors found in geodes. Design is part of the natural order.  I am also constantly pouring over the latest design issues of World of Interiors, Elle Décor, Interior Design and of course, New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles. Lately, I am inspired by things I find on Pinterest and Instagram. I am always looking!”

3933 Magazine St. | 304-9475