Paul J. Hubbell, III, MD, FIPP, and Donald E. Richardson, MD, FACS of Southern Pain and Neurological Consultants provide relief to patients with chronic pain by targeting the source of the pain, lessening the patient’s need for medication, and reducing their recovery time. Over 80 percent of the population suffers from lower back pain, many from disc degeneration, which usually affects the neck, back, and extremities.

Drs. Hubbell and Richardson combat pain by employing the least invasive, least risky, and most cost-productive procedures. Having chronic pain is not only physically debilitating but can also influence mental and emotional well being. Southern Pain and Neurological Consultants strive to improve the function and quality of life of their patients and they find purpose and satisfaction in doing what few are able to do—return patients to a more normal quality of life.


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