There’s a new New Orleanian emerging – we call that person the  “YAHT” an acronym for Young at Heart and Tenacious. People who choose to stay in New Orleans, despite it all, are those who want an urban lifestyle. If you want solitude and beautiful sunsets, you move to the country. If you want events and lots of culture you live in the city. We first became aware of the new New Orleanians on Mardi Gras, when hundreds of people gathered in the Marigny neighborhood, all masked, and many accompanied by their own music. These were not ordinary parade route maskers wearing off-the-counter costumes but people with soul and creativity who find therapy from conga drums. They were young; they were old; they were free spirits; they were professionals. Despite their age differences they were all young at heart – and tenacious about living in the city.
 We see the Yahts dancing in the mud at Jazz Fest or buying tickets for just about every concert that comes into town. They like to dine out and rejoice at every restaurant re-opening. They are determined to have a good time.

Yahts like old homes, appreciate city blocks and have a sense of neighborhood. They are angered by indifferent absentee landlords who own property on their street. They believe in diversity – as long as everyone keeps his home safe. For Yahts, a city is more than just a place to live, it’s a cause.

Before Katrina, New Orleanians were already a dedicated bunch but now, since they’ve faced the dark side of life, they want to revel in the joy. These are people who put up with put-downs from City Hall as well as the frustrations of rebuilding and who hide and duck from crime just because they believe so passionately in the city. Yahts may be the best thing that the city has going for it. They’re here for the fight.

Leave New Orleans? Never. Not for hell or high water.