In this "Special Edition" New Orleans Voices audio podcast, James Bernazzani, former FBI Agent in New Orleans, explains how the Russian government is attacking our democracy. Bernazzani, now an adjunct professor at Tulane University, explains the technique of “Active Measure.” 

According to Bernazzani, “What President Putin is doing right now is administering a very effective ‘Active Measure’…the ‘Active Measure’ is based upon mistruths and misrepresentations designed to fracture the societal community of the United States, and it’s working.”

Bernazzani explains that intelligence agencies use the term, “Active Measure” because once the originator of the mistruth or misrepresentation releases misinformation, the misleading material continues to be active and the originator no longer has control of the outcome. Bernazzani goes on to say that the best way to combat Putin’s attack on American society is to have an educated population. In these changing times, Bernazzani shares valuable insights regarding the nature and very real dangers of cyber-warfare. The retired FBI agent also offers critical advice about how we, as Americans, can educate ourselves and protect our democracy against these insidious intelligence attacks.


Listen to the podcast here.