One of the great success stories of post-Katrina New Orleans is the resurgence of the healthcare industry. What was once a healthcare hub of the southeastern U.S. has reclaimed its position as a leader in the industry. Even with all of the work still to be done in the metro area’s rebuilding effort, the quality of care remains strong. No matter what your ailment or illness or special needs may be, there is a specialty clinic or targeted facility near you.

At Culicchia Neurological Clinic, physicians include neurologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists and specialists in physical rehabilitation and pain management. The clinic is now using Cyberknife, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment in which high doses of radiation target tumors of the brain or spine. “The Cyberknife is a robotic device that delivers radiation to a very focused area, so that you can deliver a high dose of radiation with little effect upon surrounding tissues,” says Frank Culicchia, M.D., medical director of Culicchia Neurological Clinic. “It can treat tumors adjacent to the spinal cord with little effect on the spinal cord. Usually one treatment can offer patients a tremendous relief from pain.” Cyberknife is different from the gamma knife, in that Cyberknife does not require the patient to have a frame attached to the skull. No other neuroscience practice in Louisiana offers the depth of practice as Culicchia Neurological Clinic with specialists in neurology, stroke neurology, neurological rehabilitation, neurosurgery, complex spinal surgery, neurovascular skull base surgery, interventional diagnostic neuroradiology, physical medicine, chronic pain management and neuroscience clinical research. Culicchia Neurological Clinic has offices in Gretna, New Orleans and Marrero. For more information call (504) 340-6976, or visit

The doctors at Southern Brain and Spine focus on degenerative diseases of the entire spine, including cervical, thoracic and lumbar. “We specialize in brain microsurgery and cutting-edge minimally invasive spinal procedures,” says Dr. Najeeb Thomas. Dr. Thomas works with three other neurosurgeons, Dr. Richard Corales, Dr. Rand Voorhies and Dr. Lucien Miranne; and with Dr. Justin Lundgren, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation in non-operative treatments of the spine. The doctors treat all spine and brain-related problems.

The doctors are actively involved in research relating to treatment of spinal disorders. At Southern Brain and Spine, minimally invasive decompressions and percutaneous fusions are performed only after non-surgical options have been explored. Each patient receives individual care and a plan for their unique problems. The office is located at 4228 Houma Blvd., Suite 510. For appointments, call (504) 454-0141 or (504) 889-7200. For more information visit,

Ruth Owens. M.D., is a double board- certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Owens has been in practice in the New Orleans area since 1993, performing primarily facial aesthetic surgery. Dr. Owens offers personable, individualized care in a comforting environment at Face and Body Institute. Non-invasive procedures include laser treatments for fine lines and large pores; non-surgical face/neck lift; laser therapy for leg and facial spider veins; age and sun spot removal; and hair removal. Dr. Owens also offers fillers and injectables, including Botox, collagen, Radiesse and others. More invasive procedures offered by Dr. Owens include eyelid surgery, forehead elevation, facelift and rhinoplasty. “Probably the biggest request we get is to correct sagging skin around the eyes.” says Dr. Owens. For more information, call (504) 455-1000.

David Jansen, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and former chief of plastic surgery at Tulane Hospital. Dr. Jansen sees a high demand for non-invasive procedures. Dr. Jansen also performs more extensive procedures of the face and nose and the reshaping of breasts. The newest procedure uses a “diamond wire,” says Dr. Jansen. “This is a long, thin wire that cuts tissue with almost no incision. It’s been out about eight months and it’s for those wrinkles patients have had for a long time and cannot improve with just fillers, such as the ones at the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. We use it for frown lines and the lines in the forehead. It is all done under local anesthetic.” Different procedures result in various amounts of “down time,” Dr. Jansen says. “Sometimes they are back to work the same afternoon.”

Treating wrinkles happens in two ways, Dr. Jansen says. “I lecture throughout the country on wrinkle reduction. There are various fillers to try first to fill the wrinkle and release the muscles that are causing them. Or, we sometimes use Botox.” For more information, call (504) 455-1000.

Dr. Ellen Schneider provides the latest technological advances in surgical and medical Ophthalmology. Cataract and Refractive surgery, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, Botox, routine exams and the fitting of glasses and contact lenses are among the many services available in her offices. Dr. Schneider is conveniently located in Metairie and Slidell. For more information call (504) 455-1107 or (985) 781-7531.

Eyecare Associates has been named one of the TOP 50 Laser Vision practices in the U.S.  Additionally, the founding physicians are recipients of the prestigious Gold Surgeon Award for the fifth consecutive year. They were chosen from more than 1,000 Laser Vision affiliated surgeons. Eyecare Associates continues to be a leader in offering the latest technological advances available in refractive surgery. Having the latest technology is critical to achieving the best possible results. Only after these procedures are proven as effective and safe do the doctors offer these services to their patients. The surgeons’ goal is to always provide the safest and most advanced care to their patients. Eyecare Associates is located at 4324 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, (504) 455-9825. For more information, visit

The doctors at Gulf South Eye Associates work to restore, preserve and enhance patients’ vision. Riley C. Sibley, M.D. and Catherine T. Fitzmorris, M.D., are committed to providing patients with the most advanced, but not experimental, care. Services at Gulf South Eye Associates include a full range of eye care, specializing in cataract surgery to include premium lens implants, LASIK and the treatment of ocular diseases. The practice includes a full service optical shop featuring designer frames and sunglasses and a large contact lens inventory. Drs. Sibley and Fitzmorris stay abreast of the latest advances in eye care through independent study, ongoing attendance at local and national meetings, as well as participating in free and open exchange with their peers. The doctors have participated in and promulgated the most important advances in their field such as no-stitch, clear cornea cataract surgery. The office is located at 4224 Houma Blvd., Suite 100, Metairie. For more information, visit, or call (504) 454-1000.

Dr. Samuel Alexander, a highly respected Obstetrician and Gynecologist has offices in Metairie and Slidell. Dr. Alexander specializes in outpatient minimally invasive hysterectomy which provides a faster and more comfortable recovery for his patients. He is frequently requested to teach this procedure to other physicians. For more information call (504) 455-1107 or (985) 781-7531.

Dr. Lisa Colón practices obstetrics and gynecology in Metairie.  Dr. Colón believes that the patient can grow healthy, through proper knowledge, care and preventative medicine. Dr. Colón’s warm and kind approach to medicine welcomes every woman. She enjoys educating women on all stages of pregnancy: before, during and after. Dr. Colón delivers and operates both at Tulane Lakeside Hospital and East Jefferson General Hospital. Her recently renovated office has a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere, with soothing music, candles and a kind, caring staff.  “I want my patients to be more relaxed, and for them to not feel that they are actually in an office setting,” she says. Dr. Colón, who has been in private practice for almost five years, offers minimally invasive surgeries both in the hospital and in the office setting. For more information, visit, or call (504) 889-7652. The office is located near Lakeside Hospital.

The training environment at Tulane University Health Sciences Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology provides one of the most diverse residency experiences in the country. Residents are exposed to a variety of primary and tertiary health care systems, two primary care regional hospitals and two private hospitals. Doctors are exposed to the full range of opportunities in the specialty, including research investigation and other academic pursuits. “The strongest part of our department is our consideration of each woman as unique and we spend time with her during the visit, not just addressing the OB/GYN issues of her care,” says Gabriella Pridjian, M.D., professor and chairman. The department also offers cutting edge ultrasonography, used for first trimester screenings and actually measuring the size of the early fetus, the amount of lymphatic fluid that can predict some birth defects.
Find out more at Clinical offices are located 4720 South I-10 Service Road, Suite 300, Metairie. For appointments, please call (504) 988-5800 or (504) 780-4560.

The Metabolic Bone & Stone Clinic performs DEXA (Dual X-Ray Energy Absorptiometry) tests. DEXA is a procedure that is used to measure a person’s bone mass and delivers one-tenth the radiation of a chest x-ray. The DEXA provides information about a person’s bone thickness. It is also useful to tell the physician and patient whether or not the patient is at risk for fracture. Patients are educated on the subject of bone density and are provided with educational pamphlets and results of their scan, via personal letter. The DEXA test does not require a physician visit.
The Metabolic Bone & Stone Clinic is located at 4409 Utica St., Suite 100, Metairie. For information or appointments, call (504) 457-3687.

Kidney & Hypertension Associates is the premier nephrology practice on the Northshore. Drs. David Powers, Daniel Tveit and Khudr Burjak and their nurse practitioner Wendy Pratt care for people with all forms of kidney disease. The goal of care is not only to improve a patient’s quality of life but also to delay the need for dialysis by the use of newer techniques which protect the kidney from further damage. If dialysis becomes necessary, the specialists with Kidney & Hypertension Associates have traditional daytime dialysis plus nocturnal, home and peritoneal dialysis available in state-of-the-art facilities managed by Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s leader in dialysis care.
To arrange an office visit or to discuss your options with one of the kidney specialists, call (985) 419-9939 or email


Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) operates more than 1,500 outpatient dialysis clinics in the U.S. UltraCare® is the commitment of the entire Fresenius Medical Care Organization to deliver excellent care to patients with a focus on superior customer service. It is based on extensive training for ALL clinic staff in the areas of clinical leadership, team approach to care, exemplary customer service, innovative technology and individualized patient care. These five main elements of training allow Fresenius Medical Care staff and physicians to deliver excellent care to patients through innovative methods, the latest technology and a shared focus on superior customer service. The Northshore area proved this first hand before, during and after Hurricane Katrina when Fresenius Medical Care was able to maintain operations by dialyzing their own patients and all dialysis patients in need.
For more information on FMC please visit, or call (866) 434-2597.


Venous and Arterial Surgery Clinic treats patients who suffer from varicose veins and other vascular disorders. Treatment is carried out using laser technology, as well as other modern procedures. Venous and Arterial Surgery Clinic strives to provide patients with the safest, most innovative and advanced vascular procedures currently available. Visit the Web site,, to view educational videos about available procedures, and to find out more about treatment or call (985) 893-5958. Venous and Arterial Surgery Clinic is located in Covington. 

Dr. Mohemmed Suleman is a general and vascular surgeon who practices at Kenner Ochsner Medical Center. Dr. Suleman also has privileges at Tulane Lakeside Hospital, East Jefferson Hospital and St. Charles Parish General Hospital. Dr. Suleman specializes in laparoscopic surgery, such as gall bladder and appendix removals. He also performs general surgery, including breast surgery and cancer surgery for the stomach. The doctor performs vascular surgeries, including bypasses and blockages of the neck arteries, as well as surgery on aneurysms of the abdominal aorta. Dr. Suleman also performs vascular access procedures for dialysis patients. This year, Dr. Suleman serves as secretary of the Jefferson Parish Medical Society and on the governing board of Kenner Ochsner Medical Center. He is also a member of the Louisiana State Medical Society. Dr. Suleman has practiced medicine in the metro New Orleans area since 1981. For appointment information, call (504) 712-8872.

With offices in Covington, Bogalusa, Franklinton, Metairie and Slidell, Tchefuncte Cardiovascular Associates (TCA) offers a comprehensive range of cardiac care, extending to such areas as peripheral artery disease and venous issues. TCA is the first private cardiology practice to offer non-invasive CT angiography of the coronaries and peripheral arteries. TCA also offers preventive services, such as athletic screening. TCA was founded in 1997 by Dr. Gabriel Lasala and Dr. Frank Voelker. The group has since grown to 11 physicians with six offices in multiple parishes. For more information, visit, or call (985) 871-8227.

Canal Street Cardiology is a well-established, full service cardiology medical practice. Dr. Glenn Johnson, F.A.C.C., F.A.C.P.; Dr. Gary Sander, Ph.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.H.A.; Dr. William Smith, F.A.C.C.; all cardiologists, together with Dr. Arnold Alper, internist, to treat patients with all types of cardiovascular issues. Services include nuclear and echocardiographic stress testing, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound studies, arrhythmia management, lipid management, hypertensive heart disease treatment, preventive cardiology and heart failure treatment. Canal Street Cardiology is associated with the New Orleans Center for Clinical Research, performing a wide variety of studies on drugs being tested for approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The doctors are on staff at Tulane Medical Center, Touro Infirmary, Tulane Lakeside Hospital and Ochsner in Kenner. The office is located at 2820 Canal St., New Orleans. For appointments or more information, call (504) 821-8158. 
The Tulane Cardiology Center of Excellence
encompasses leading clinical, educational and research programs for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Together with the School of Public Health, the Tulane Cardiovascular Center of Excellence has for more than 40 years been the site of the world-renowned Bogalusa heart study, a population-based longitudinal study of cardiac risk factors under the direction of Dr. Gerald Berenson. Today the Center is led by Patrice Delafontaine, M.D., the Marilyn S. Lassen and Sidney W. Lassen Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine Chief Section of Cardiology, Tulane University Health Sciences Center. 

The clinical program offers a broad and comprehensive array of cardiovascular services including advanced interventional cardiology, arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation management; heart failure and cardiac transplantation; and cardiac and vascular surgery.  Cutting-edge diagnostic imaging capabilities including 64-slice CT angiography allow for the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease and its complications. After Hurricane Katrina the center was awarded two large NIH grants to conduct research for the next five years. The grants are worth about three-quarters of a million dollars annually, Delafontaine says. For more information, visit

Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) is one of the nation’s most respected groups of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and thoracic surgeons, representing nearly every specialty in heart and vascular medicine. While most leading medical centers are located in a single facility within a large city, CIS and its staff of more than 475 dedicated CIS team members and nearly 40 physicians bring comprehensive cardiovascular care close to home by serving patients in 11 locations throughout south Louisiana. CIS offers a comprehensive heart and vascular program that includes specialized medical professionals trained in nuclear cardiology, electrophysiology, prevention services and lipid management, as well as interventional cardiovascular procedures and cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. CIS is a world-leader in treating peripheral vascular disease. CIS physicians serve as clinical investigators for many new and innovative medical devices and often share their knowledge by lecturing around the country about the latest methods of treating both cardiac and peripheral vascular disease. For more information, visit

Alliance Endoscopy Center is a free-standing endoscopy center, including gastrenterologists and colo-rectal surgeons. A wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies are performed at the center. The center includes a 4,500-square-foot endoscopy suite with three procedure rooms, eight recovery bays, nurses station and business office. Most insurance plans encourage and pay for outpatient endoscopy and patients are encouraged to contact the center to determine if their desired procedures are covered on their insurance. Free parking is provided. Alliance Endoscopy Center’s mission is to provide quality outpatient health care with respect to patients, staff and community, with positive outcomes in the most safe and cost-effective manner. Procedures are performed in a state-of-the-art facility that ensures outstanding care and privacy. Alliance Endoscopy Center is located at 3717 Houma Blvd., Suite 200, Metairie; (504) 885.7676.

Canon Hospice and the Akula Foundation are pleased to make several offerings to the community. Last year a Grief Resource Center was established to offer grief support to anyone in the community who is in need of help dealing with any type of loss in their life. The yearly children’s bereavement camp, Camp Swan, is scheduled for Nov. 16th, 17th and 18th, 2007 and will be held at Bayou Segnette Group Camp. The goal of providing good community health education continues to be provided by the Canon Hospice Health Hour on WIST 690 am each Saturday from 1p.m.–2p.m. Also, there will be a Health Information Fair held on Aug. 4 at Clearview Mall. These special projects are all supported by the Akula Foundation. For information on any of these events please call (504) 818-2723 or go to our Web site

The Stand-Up MRI is a whole-body Open MRI system that allows patients to be scanned in a position of pain, sitting or in any of the conventional recumbent positions. This multi-positional MRI system accommodates an unrestricted range of motion for flexion, and extension. Previously difficult patient scanning positions can be achieved using the system’s MRI-compatible, three-dimensional, motorized patient handling system. True image orientation is assured via computer read-back of the table’s position. Spines and extremities can be scanned in weight-bearing states; brains with patients either sitting or recumbent. The Stand-Up MRI is Mega-Open, making it the most non-claustrophobic whole-body MRI scanner. Patients can walk into the magnet, sit for their scans and then walk out. Stand-Up-Open MRI Centers of Louisiana is located in Metairie, (504) 934-4000. Visit

The Proscan family of diagnostic imaging centers offers a broad spectrum of services to meet all of your advanced diagnostic imaging needs. Board certified radiologists with fellowship training in pediatric, musculoskeletal, complex body imaging, neurological and chiropractic radiology are ready with timely answers to your clinical questions. Bernard Landry, M.D., a board-certified radiologist, is the Medical Director and Staff Radiologist at both the East Bank and West Bank imaging centers. A member of the Radiological Society of North America, American College of Radiology, American Roentgen Ray Society and the American Medical Association, Dr. Landry is a past president of the New Orleans Radiology Society and is Secretary/Treasurer of the Radiological Society of Louisiana. “In efforts to continually support and operate in the New Orleans area, we feel a strong need to invest in our imaging center,” says Dr. Landry. “Our goal is to not only improve the technological capabilities of our site but to also enhance the overall customer experience at our site.” For more information, call (504) 456-7900, or visit


With eight locations in the metro area, St. Charles Vision is the only eyecare provider that offers Optricks™, the ability of a well-trained optician to match facial features and frames together to complement and accentuate your best facial features while downplaying others. At St. Charles Vision, the doctors do not believe in cutting corners with eye care services or ophthalmic products. Doctors perform comprehensive eye examinations with the aid of the latest technology.  All of the doctors of Optometry are therapeutic, board-certified and remain on the cutting edge with a rigorous mandatory continuing medical education program. Staff is available to treat ocular emergencies 24 hours a day. The doctors treat eye disease and prescribe medications to combat those diseases. Comprehensive eye exams use cutting-edge technology. St. Charles Vision and St. Charles Vision Outlet carry the largest selection of exclusive designer eyewear in the metro area. You’ll find beautiful, stylish frames. St. Charles Vision prides itself on catering to individual eye care and personal aesthetic needs of its patients. For a location near you, visit

Alan Sheen, M.D., is a highly-respected allergist serving the entire New Orleans metropolitan area. In the past. Dr. Sheen has been named one of the city’s top doctors by New Orleans Magazine. Dr. Sheen’s medical practice focuses on immunology and allergies, treating adults and children and entire families. Dr. Sheen treats allergic rhinitis, asthma, hives and related allergic conditions. This year, Dr. Sheen is listed in the Guide to America’s Top Physicians. Dr. Sheen has two locations: 3701 Houma Blvd., Metairie, Suite 101, (504) 456-1999; and, 190 Greenbrier, Suite 104, Covington, (985) 246-6077.

B. Steele Rolston, M.D.
, is the chief physician at Asthma, Allergy & Immunology, a Covington-based practice devoted to the treatment of allergies, immunologic diseases and asthma. The practice is full-service, treating patients in all age groups. “Allergy tends to be genetically induced,” Dr. Rolston says, “so we frequently see multiple family members from infancy into adulthood.” Dr. Rolston says that since our climate is very humid, there are many perennial (year-round) allergies. Dr. Rolston, an asthmatic, says, “I have seen this from the standpoint of a patient, a student studying about the patients, and also from a professor and physician’s perspective.” For many years, Dr. Rolston has also worked as an educator in his discipline, most recently as a faculty member at the University of Arizona and staff physician for the Allergy & Immunology program at LSU. To learn more about asthma and allergies, and about Asthma, Allergy & Immunology, visit, or call (985) 893-5780.

David Schneider, M.D., is board-certified in Allergy and Immunology, specializing in the treatment of asthma, hay fever, sinus infections, hives, drug allergies, insect sting reactions, sinus headaches, migraines, acid reflux, chronic cough and more. Dr. Schneider makes every effort to diagnose and treat complex conditions which often results in the reduction of medications prescribed. He serves as a principle investigator with a dedicated, in-office research staff to get new treatments approved. Dr. Schneider is proud to announce his association with Dr Irum A. Qureshi at his new location, 3225 Danny Park, Suite 100, Metairie, and at their Hammond location.  For more information and appointments, call (504) 889-0550.

The Center for Longevity and Wellness is a state-of-the-art internal medicine facility, designed to be a unique and nurturing environment, conducive to healing. As patient-advocates, the physicians are knowledgeable and experienced practitioners of preventive medicine, diagnoses and treatment. The well-trained staff is available to assist you through your visit, giving you the personal attention you deserve.
Patients pay an annual fee, which affords them access to their doctors at all times via phone, pager, e-mail or personal appointments. Same day or next day appointments are always available with board-certified internists Drs. Leonard B. Kancher, Gerald M. Weiner and Leslie A. Rodrigue. Additionally, The Center has a fully staffed medical spa area, providing both massage therapy and skin care services. For more information, visit or call (504) 885-7360. “Healthcare with a personal touch.”


Clay N. Boyd, M.D., is a board-certified urologist who is accepting a position in the Division of Urology at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Boyd has been in private practice in the River Parishes area. “I became a urologist because the specialty uses both medical and surgical approaches in treating patients as individuals,” Boyd says, “with emphasis on maintaining their personal dignity.” Dr. Boyd completed his surgical internship and residency in urology at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. He is a member of the American Urological Association, the Orleans Parish and Louisiana State Medical Societies, as well as Louisiana Health Care Review. He is also active in the Air Force Association and has been accepted in the HealthCare Masters of Business Administration program through the George Washington University School of Business. Dr. Boyd may be reached at LSU Health Sciences Center, Department of Urology at

The doctors at the North Institute have developed a multi-disciplinary team approach to treating their patients. The physician staff, all board-certified specialists, combine their expertise to bring patients back to a quality lifestyle. Dr. John B. Logan, orthopedic surgeon fellowship-trained in spinal surgery and Dr. Donald D. Dietze, Jr., neurosurgeon, operate together, incorporating surgical techniques ranging from state-of-the-art minimally invasive procedures to complete spinal reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Richard P. Texada, Jr., general orthopedic surgeon, fellowship-trained in sports medicine, offers treatment of sports injuries and fracture management as well as total joint replacement. All three surgeons work closely with the physical medicine team at the North Institute. Dr. Susan Bryant-Snure and Dr. Michael Braxton monitor patient’s progress through conservative pre-operative plans as well as post-operative rehabilitation. The physical therapy department at the North Institute allows all physicians to watch their patients progress first-hand. The North Institute is located in Lacombe; visit or call (985) 871-4114.

Marc S. Glovinsky, DPM, is a podiatrist, certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Dr. Glovinsky offers comprehensive care for all foot problems, providing both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. He is also a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. After graduating from Tulane University and graduating cum laude from the W.M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago, Dr. Glovinsky completed a three-year surgical residency at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, a level 1 trauma center in Chicago. He served as chief resident during his third year of residency. Dr. Glovinsky specializes in both surgical and non-surgical treatment of all foot disorders including, diabetic foot care, trauma repair, skin and nail disorders and correction of biomechanical disorders. Elective foot surgery includes correction of bunion and hammertoe deformities, soft tissue repair, ingrown nail surgery, neuroma removal and heel spur surgery. Offices are located at the Buckman Medical Office Building, 3434 Prytania St., Suite 235, New Orleans; and Doctor’s Row, 3939 Houma Blvd., Suite 224, Metairie. For more information, call (504) 454-2900, or visit

The Podiatric Institute for Foot and Ankle Surgery is a podiatry practice serving Greater New Orleans. Dr. Edward Lang offers expert podiatric services, normally in his Metairie location. Dr. Lang provides advanced treatment options for foot, ankle and lower leg problems.

Commonly treated conditions include Achilles tendonitis, bunions, calluses, corns, diabetic foot wounds, heel pain, ingrown toenails and plantar warts. As a podiatrist, Dr. Lang may prescribe orthotic devices and medication and may perform inpatient or outpatient surgical procedures to treat foot, ankle and lower leg conditions.
The Podiatric Institute is committed to patient education. For more information, call (504) 457-2300, or visit The Uptown office is scheduled to reopen in the near future.

Hand Surgical Associates is a medical practice dedicated to the key components for medical, surgical and rehabilitation management of hand injuries, diseases and disorders. Harold M. Stokes, M.D., and Eric George, M.D., recently welcomed Charles T. Clasen III, M.D. to the practice. Clasen completed his medical education and surgical residency with Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and recently finished his hand fellowship with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. At The Hand Center of Louisiana, the three doctors treat most hand problems including, but not limited to, basal joint arthritis, cubital tunnel syndrome, flexor tendon lacerations, hand and wrist fractures and tennis elbow. Dr. Stokes has been in private practice since 1972, and is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Stokes and George, who is also board-certified, each hold a certificate of Added Qualification in Surgery of the Hand. For more information, visit or call (504) 454-2191.

For more than 37 years, George Farber, M.D., has been treating dermatologic conditions and helping the citizens of the New Orleans metropolitan area look their best. Farber, who served as a consultant to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office, helms the Kenner Dermatology Clinics, with eight locations in the New Orleans metro area. “We have special expertise in skin cancer surgery,” Dr. Farber says. “We perform surgery at our ambulatory outpatient surgery center and at the Kenner Dermatology Clinic.” Dr. Farber’s clinics are fully staffed with five physicians, as well as physicians assistants and nurse practitioners. “Very few doctors in dermatology have the facilities to perform skin cancer surgery,” Dr. Farber says. “With our out patient surgery center, we have the facilities and expertise to treat all types of skin cancer.  Our success rate is extremely high, with no deaths from skin cancer in our patients in almost 40 years.” Dr. Farber is associated with Dr. Paul Dreschnack a plastic surgeon who performs cosmetic surgery. For more information, or to make an appointment, call (504) 471-3100.

Dr. Eric Finley
is a fellowship-trained dermatologic surgeon who specializes in Mohs Micrographic Surgery, a specialized technique for removing skin cancer. Patients are treated on an outpatient basis for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The procedure, done under local anesthesia, involves removing the tissue and testing it by doing immediate frozen sectioning. “We examine 100 percent of the surgical margin under a microscope while the patient waits,” Dr. Finley says. “This surgery offers virtually a 99 percent cure rate for the treatment of those cancers. No other technique we use to treat skin cancer has as high a cure rate.” Once the doctor determines there are clear margins around where the cancer was, reconstruction of the area is done, as well. Dr. Finley also does mole and cyst removal and overall skin exams at his Uptown office at 3525 Prytania St., Suite 425. For more information visit or call (504) 896-2255.

Magnolia Physical Therapy, LLC is a physical therapy practice in Harahan that specializes in the treatment of the spine.  Their therapists strive to pay personal attention to each patient in order to return them to their normal activities as soon as possible. They take great pride in providing the very best care possible for their patients and use a “hands on approach to healing.”  Due to the high volume of patients with low back pain, Magnolia Physical Therapy has implemented a successful new Spine Program to treat this condition. Patients are getting results and do very well on follow through with home management of their condition after discharge from physical therapy. 
Beth-Winkler-Schmit, FAAOMPT, and Lisa George, PTA, can be reached at (504) 733-0254. The office is located at 990 N Corporate Drive, Ste. 305 and the hours of operation are 8a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday.


Patrick H. Waring, M.D., of The Pain Intervention Center provides advanced, interventional spine pain management therapy in a safe, convenient, comfortable atmosphere. Interventional pain management techniques are minimally invasive procedures traditionally done under the guidance of fluoroscopic X-ray machines that target specific areas to diagnose and treat pain. “I deal primarily with spine, back and neck pain,” says Dr. Waring. “We do everything office-based, using non-narcotic interventional pain techniques. We have all the latest equipment and technology and our staff is specially trained making us a mini center of excellence.” The Pain Intervention Center has two locations; one in Metairie and a second location in Gonzales. For more information, visit, or call (504) 455-2225.  In Gonzales, call (225) 647-2111.

Dr. Joseph Crapanzano, Jr.
and Dr. Kevin Martinez, of Parish Pain Specialists, treat patients with chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than what would be considered normal after surgery or an injury. Pain is the No. 1 reason why people miss work in the U.S. Along with chronic pain comes a sedentary lifestyle and often depression. Parish Pain Specialists want patients to know you are not alone in managing pain.  Parish Pain Specialists treats pain through a multidisciplinary approach which includes injections, medications, physical therapy and psychological support. The physicians use state-of-the-art equipment in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Joseph Crapanzano, Jr. is board certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology. Dr. Kevin Martinez is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and recently completed a fellowship in Pain Medicine at Louisiana State University Medical School. Call us today at (504) 779-5558 for more information. The doctors at Parish Pain Specialists encourage patients — Remember… you are not alone in managing your pain.


Dr. Lawrence Frost, III specializes in general dentistry. The doctor helps patients with root canals, dentures, extractions, tooth colored fillings, crowns and bridge work and all other aspects of general dentistry. Dr. Frost has been named one of America’s Top Dentists by the Consumer Research Council of America, every year since 2003. This honor comes with a good review of Dr. Frost’s continuing education, as well as the materials and technologies he uses in his practice. Dr. Frost offers the Zoom Advance Power bleaching technique, using a light device that activates a material placed on the teeth. Zoom can bleach teeth up to 12 shades in one hour. Dr. Frost treats entire families, from children to parents to grandparents. For appointments, call (504) 833-2500. The office is located at 525 Metairie Road.

Ed Levy III, DDS, Greer Ceiutat-Reisig, DDS and Ray Poirrier, DDS are family dentists with an eye on the future. “The cosmetic revolution in dentistry is in full force,” says Dr. Levy. Levy and his partners use tooth colored materials for fillings and to repair fractured teeth. “We can sculpt with this material to bring broken teeth back to their original beauty,” Dr. Levy says. You can achieve instant orthodontics, through the dentists’ use of tooth colored resins in conjunction with ceramic technology to create porcelain veneers. The dentists also use dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth. Implants go into the bone, allowing the dentists to recreate a tooth on top of the implant. Increasingly popular is the use of bleaching techniques to safely and effectively change the color of teeth with little or no side effects. The office is located at 7037 Canal Blvd. Call (504) 283-5549 for appointments. Ask about free smile designer consultations. •