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Maintaining good health always deserves our best efforts. Just as dominoes fall one after the other, a person’s health can rapidly change when one issue causes another and perhaps more issues after that. Preventing a domino effect can be accomplished by staying on top of nutrition, treating injuries or pain, and getting the regular wellness checkups recommended by your primary care physician. And when complex healthcare options are needed, specialists can step in with new breakthroughs and evolving treatments. Get to know a few of the options available across the region, and learn about the latest news from a variety of providers. From new leadership announcements to research programs that need your help, you can stay ahead of the curve and on top of your health with helpful tips and the expertise of area specialists.


Low Back Pain

Southern Pain & Neurological

At Southern Pain & Neurological, Doctors Paul Hubbell and Donald Richardson understand that chronic pain creates a prison for patients, disabling them from an active lifestyle. Low back pain is one of the most common sources of pain, and it’s important to note that 15-25 percent of people with low back pain actually have SI joint dysfunction.

At Southern Pain & Neurological, the advanced, minimally invasive PsiF System allows your doctor to stabilize your SI joint from a familiar posterior approach by inserting strategically designed implants directly into the joint. The procedure is done through a small (1 inch) incision and typically takes less than thirty minutes. Patient testimonials have demonstrated that treatment with the PsiF system improved pain, patient function, and quality of life.

If you are experiencing low back pain, sciatic-like pain, hip/pelvis/groin pain, stiffness, leg instability, disturbed sitting and sleeping, and pain when active or lying on one side, the PsiF System may be an option for you. To learn more about SI joint dysfunction, the PsiF System, and Southern Pain & Neurological, call 1-800-277-1265.


Pediatric Care

Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital New Orleans is proud to appoint an internationally known leader in child health, accomplished researcher, and 2019 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Mark Kline, as Physician-in-Chief and Chief Academic Officer for Children’s Hospital New Orleans and the LCMC Health Pediatric Market. Dr. Kline works together with Children’s academic partners, LSU and Tulane, to advance academic medicine, training, and teaching at Children’s Hospital, the first and largest full-service hospital exclusively for children in Louisiana and the Gulf South.

“Dr. Kline’s expert leadership, together with the excellent pedigree of our academic partners, will allow Children’s to innovate care delivery while training our next generation of pediatricians,” says John R. Nickens IV, President and CEO of Children’s Hospital New Orleans.

While overseeing Children’s Hospital’s pediatric academic medical programs, Dr. Kline will also help expand academic programs through faculty positions at both LSU Health New Orleans and Tulane University School of Medicine and develop innovative, cohesive strategies to improve the future health and wellbeing of Louisiana’s children.

For more information on Dr. Kline and the services of Children’s Hospital New Orleans, visit chnola.org


Pharmacy & Insurance

Patio Drugs

Patio Drugs has been servicing the community since 1958 as a full-service retail pharmacy including sterile and non-sterile compounding as well as medical equipment services. Many seniors benefit from the services offered in their long-term care pharmacy. As the longest- operating pharmacy in Jefferson Parish, Patio Drugs has a unique awareness of its customers’ needs and has geared services to address those needs.

Free prescription delivery in Greater New Orleans is offered. Unit dose medication cards and multi-dose drug packaging cards assist patients with remaining adherent to their drug therapies and allow them the independence to do so. With their medication synchronization program, Patio Drugs can coordinate with patients to have all their prescriptions filled on the same day each month, eliminating the worry of running out of a medication or forgetting to call and order a refill. Additionally, the pharmacist team at Patio Drugs offers a comprehensive medication review with each patient to discuss any questions or concerns about medications, diet, and overall health. Their team works collaboratively with physicians to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care and the clearest understanding of medication therapies.


You know that creating a successful team starts by celebrating the differences of each member on it. That’s how Humana sees your employees’ health, too—personal, unique, and vital to your workplace. That’s why Humana offers expansive plan options to help your employees better manage their health needs. Humana is constantly innovating and negotiating in order to strengthen its products and partnerships, working hard to create seamless, supportive experiences that are easier on you and your employees. Caring for members’ unique needs with actions that go beyond their expectations—that’s what Humana calls human care.

For more information, please contact Marcus Taylor, Humana Vice-President, at mtaylor101@humana.com or 770-722-8303.


Research Programs

Tulane University School of Medicine, Clinical Translational Unit

All Of Us Research Program: A Precision Medicine Initiative

What is the All of Us Research Program? The All of Us Research Program is a large research program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The goal is to help researchers understand more about why people get sick or stay healthy. 

NIH hopes that more than one million people will join the All of Us Research Program. People who join will share information about their health, habits, and what it’s like where they live. By looking for patterns in this information, researchers may learn more about what affects people’s health. The All of Us Research Program will last for 10 years or more, allowing researchers to study health over time. 

If you decide to join the All of Us Research Program, you will be contributing to an effort to improve the health of generations to come. You also may learn about your own health. Learn more about the All of Us Research Program by visiting JoinAllofUs.org/Tulane.

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