Finding a memorable and useful wedding gift for any of the many parties surrounding a wedding can be challenging for guests. Sticking to the registry is a no-fail plan, but if you’re like us, you want to add some flavor and spice it up a bit.

New Orleans Tidbits recently wrote about SoLa Deli, which is a local deli that creates spices and olive oils made locally and with that delightful New Orleans flavor.

These items are an ingenius addition to any kitchen and give wedding guests the perfect answer to spice up their gift. Not only can you buy items individually, but the company also offers a gift box of all of its goodies.

The box is a no-brainer, but the individual items – like the melting pot organic Creole seasoning or the hibiscus and sage infused olive oil – are solid additions to any kitchen item found on a registry. This way you are sticking with the couple’s registry and adding a little of New Orleans flair.

What are our suggestions for a showstopping wedding gift?

Go in with a group, if budget is a concern, and buy the couple’s ideal skillet or pan from their registry and add the gift set box to get their spice collection started.

For a smaller version of that idea, get a few mixing and cooking utensils, buy one spice and one olive oil and combine all with a fun, witty cooking towel – like the one below – from Fleurty Girl.

Spice It Up


Additional suggestion: Buy two of everything and add a little kick to your kitchen!