It seems like the sports world is one big waiting game at this point. Hockey is trying to come back. Baseball is trying to come back. The Pelicans and NBA are doing the same. It could get interesting at the end of the month. Until then, let’s mix it up like gumbo.

Last week, I talked about finding a major league baseball team to root for and I decided I was going to cheer for the Oakland Athletics. It all basically boiled down to my love for the greatest player of all time, Rickey Henderson. However, as a team, I have the most love for the Chicago Cubs. As everyone knows they were the lovable losers for over a century until winning the World Series in 2016. So, if things go south for the A’s I will probably jump back on that train.

The recent photo of totally cut Zion Williamson makes me think that he will go for 40 points and 20 rebounds in every game and the Pelicans will go to the NBA Finals.

Coronavirus or not, if there were a Wiffle Ball league to join I would be out there swinging that plastic bat like a champion, in a socially distant way of course.

Speaking of baseball, the TCL’s Acadiana Cane Cutters (great name) dropped their first series of the season to the Victoria Generals (lame name). Their only victory of the season-opening series was won by the University of New Orleans’ Bailey Holstein, who struck out five batters and gave up one earned run over four innings of work. While that is all fine and good there seems to be zero mention on their website or social media of any precautions the organization is taking due to the coronavirus which prompts me to say, good luck everybody.

There was one week in my early 20s that my homey Larry’s folks were on vacation. During their vacay our posse turned Larry’s house into Beer Central and played home run derby via Wiffle Ball every day for hours on end.

Speaking of the Chicago Cubs and Wiffle Ball, at my house, we had what we called “Little Wrigley.” My suburban backyard opened up to a forest and our small fence had ivy growing over it. It wasn’t a giant yard but you had to hit the ball just right to send it through our two trees that caught more balls than any of us.

Reports that the Players Union of the NFL won’t agree to face shields for every player is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read this week. If a player doesn’t want to risk his life playing a sport I totally get that. However, if they want to play this year then they should take every precaution possible, which means wearing a face shield. The American arrogance remains undefeated. Those who play America’s Real Favorite Pastime could learn a lot from the masked and face shielded tour guide I saw leading a couple through the Lower Garden District yesterday.

That glorious week of playing Wiffle Ball was the same week Larry broke the transmission on his parents’ car. Needless to say, they were not happy when they got home and none of us went to Larry’s house for a while.

For a team that no one watched you have to give a round of applause for the timing of the New Orleans Baby Cakes. For an organization that was losing money, just imagine if they hung around only to not play any baseball this year.

Pretending that the NFL season will play out as scheduled this year is nothing short of a kick in the pants for Saints fans who regularly go to the Superdome. Sure, we can watch the games on TV and, I guess, some folks will get to go the games but, had this not happened, Saints fans were set up with a home schedule for the ages.

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kick off the season. Week Three brings the increasingly cranky Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers. Later in the season we get the return of Teddy Bridgewater, revenge games against the San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings, the around Thanksgiving hammering of the Atlanta Falcons and then, lo and behold, Patrick Mahomes first visit to the Dome. You think sitting at home is rough now? Just think how it’s going to feel on game day. Thank heavens for TV.

Scientist after scientist says that not only will wearing a mask protect us but it also will actually, with social distancing, crush the virus. Yet, photo after photo that I see has folks standing up in each other’s grill without wearing a mask. Why would someone do that? Don’t answer. I know the answer — arrogance.

The cacophony created by the name change, which led to a boat load of merchandise sales, overwhelmed the storyline that the Baby Cakes were heading in the right direction as a team, finishing 73-65 in their last season of play at the Shrine on Airline.

You think the Baby Cakes name was bad? The organization relocated to Wichita, Kansas and now are called the Wind Surge, a name so bad I looked it up on multiple outlets because I was sure it was incorrect. Possibly the lamest team name I’ve ever heard. Yowza.


And like a fine wine with a steak dinner, every game should be accompanied by a beverage and song.


Beer Pairing: Parish Brewing’s “Dr. Juice” IPA

Playlist Recommendation: College & Electric Youth – “A Real Hero”


Around the Way

I could honestly rename this section “Awesome Things that Demario Davis Did This Week” and never be short of content. Anyway, the All-Pro linebacker remains at the forefront of the conversation of race and the NFL and we’re lucky to have him representing the city of New Orleans. Somebody buy me his jersey, please.