WIth Bathing Suit season right around the corner, everyone needs that extra push in to reach their goals. Here are some great ways to change your workouts and see the results you want just in time:

Change up your cardio. Doing a different type of cardio, whether it’s running, swimming, walking on incline or a new machine at the gym will add extra challenge to your cardio session. Also try increasing your speed or doing intervals of intense exercise alternated with rest.

Try full-body workouts. This is a great change from a normal routine of training different muscle groups on different days, and a great way to keep your heart rate up in a circuit workout of exercises for your whole body. This will challenge your muscles to adjust, blasting fat while burning a lot of calories and working up a great sweat.

Try adding balance to any exercise. Adding the extra element of balance to any exercise you do, whether it’s sitting on a ball for bicep curls or doing squats on a BOSU, creates an extra element to which your muscled will have to adapt. In addition to increased difficulty, having to balance will engage your core muscles, forcing you to strengthen them simultaneously.

Mix your weight routines up with cardiovascular exercise. Try mixing in cardio in between each set of weight exercises. This will keep your heart rate up even more and make your cardio go by faster.

Make use of resistance bands. Resistance bands are great for a different type of resistance training that weights cannot give you. The thickness of the band determines the level of difficulty. These are great to use for all exercises; try increasing repetitions for a great burn.

Change the amount of repetitions or sets that you do. You can decrease the repetitions that you do and increase the weight that you lift to make progress with your strength. You can increase your repetitions to challenge the endurance of your muscles. Also, you can add extra sets of exercises to burn more fat and promote muscle growth.

Get a buddy. Achieving your goals can be hard to do alone. Many people work much better when they have someone to exercise with and push them. Encourage each other to stay on track and remind one another why you are there.

Positive motivation is the key to success.

When springtime comes around, everyone begins to hit the gym harder. Using these tools to change your routine, achieving your goals will not be as difficult!