Spring break just “hits different,” as the kids possibly still say, when you’re old enough that your main excitement is checking the tracking number to see when your order of replacement filters for your air purifier will be delivered. (What?! It’s peak pollen season!)

It’s not like I was ever the kind of person who partied till I puked on the beach or entered a wet T-shirt contest or shotgunned a beer or … did whatever things kids do at spring break. 

But still, I used to hang out at the Fly with my friends or take road trips to places with funny names or go hiking with my dog. 

And then, for a long stretch of time, I didn’t do anything for spring break because I was a grownup and grownups don’t get spring break. 

Now, though, I’m in a weird position: definitely officially old (not just young and uncool) but somehow, by virtue of working at a high school, on spring break again. I don’t have to go back to the office until April 17, and my kids are off, too. Woo-hoo, baby! Spring break! Bring it on!

So what are we all up to? Honestly? Not much. 

My older kid is off in St. Louis with her dad. My younger kid is watching YouTube videos and playing Animal Crossing and sustaining herself on frozen burritos and yogurt tubes and chocolate-covered pretzels. (I occasionally toss a fruit or vegetable in her general direction.) And me? I’m organizing a closet, binge-watching terrible crime shows, and Googling “best couch-to-5K apps” as though I might take up jogging even though I’m not fooling anyone. (I sometimes pretend that a lack of free time is why I don’t exercise more. It’s not.)

Georgia and I are planning a day trip to Bay St. Louis because we both like the idea of the beach better than the actual beach and thus have learned our lesson about driving all the way to Florida. But other than that, we both hope to spend the week ahead completely indulging ourselves in restorative sloth. 

And now if you’ll excuse me, my air filters have been delivered, so I’m off to install them. 

It’s not a thrilling life I live, but I’m grateful for every second.