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St. Mary Parish woman provides quiet escape for locals
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While working on her own blog, 29-year-old Anna St. Blanc stumbled upon a well-known calligrapher on Instagram and after scrolling through her designs, she became hooked.

“The lady I found was named Heather and she had collaborated with May Designs for a Modern Calligraphy Workbook, so I bought the book and kit and the rest was history,” says St. Blanc. “Well, sort of, the book had four sentence long instructions on how to do calligraphy, so needless to say I spent lots of hours practicing and nearly quit more times than I can count.”

A bride-to-be gave St. Blanc the chance to write envelopes for her wedding, but four years later and about half a million envelopes after, her calligraphy business is thriving.

St. Blanc is based in St. Mary Parish, but through her site, she offers calligraphy for envelopes, wedding invitations, special event spots, wedding signage, custom return address stamps, leads calligraphy workshops, and has recently ventured into the world of photography.

St. Blanc was hesitant to launch calligraphy classes in her area until her friends’ promptings and a poll on social media revealed the desire was present for the class to be given.

“Friends and brides kept mentioning to me that they wanted to learn calligraphy, but I always told them that I'd be a terrible teacher.,” says St. Blanc. “After getting another request earlier this year, I put out a little ‘test’ on social media and to my surprise, lots of people wanted a class in the Lafayette area.”


After doing a test run at her house with some close friends St. Blanc sold the workshop out within two months.

“Each class was a gamble to me," says St. Blanc. "I would think ‘Maybe I’ll do one more, they certainly won't fill up another class. I'm not really a great teacher.’ I think people keep showing up for the self-deprecating humor, but that's ok with me.”

For St. Blanc, the biggest advantage her workshops offer are the ability to receive personalized instruction that doesn’t come from a book or YouTube.

“When I started in calligraphy, there were no human to human resources for me to learn from,” says St. Blanc. “My four-sentence instruction manual was frustrating and I would have killed for that human connection. I wanted someone to show me, to place my hand the right way and tell me what I was doing wrong. I am not the best calligrapher in the area, but everyone needs a starting place and I hope that I can be that for others.”

Each workshop teaches the beginnings of pointed pen Modern Calligraphy.


“We don't follow many rules, because those are no fun,” says St. Blanc. “We start with drills and roll our way through all the letters of the alphabet. I talk a lot about how this trade is very time consuming, requires patience and practice. I believe beautiful things take time.”

While she knows perfection is impossible on the first go-round, St. Blanc aims to guide students through the process so they can leave with the skill they need to improve. 

“Each person's experience is unique and one by one, students have ‘ah-ha’ moments,” says St. Blanc. “The group becomes a family quickly and rejoices with each other's small victories. I'd hate to say you will walk away with a masterpiece, because you won't, but I hope to give students the tools they need to get their goals accomplished.” 

Calligraphy provides a peaceful escape for both St. Blanc and her students.

“You must be quiet and focused,” says St. Blanc. “After a few hours, people get into a Zen that happens as they sit and focus on the thick and thin strokes of a pointed pen. It's an eye-opening moment for lots of people. Providing an escape for people from their busy lives gives me so much joy.”

St. Blanc has workshops coming up in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, and soon her site will feature a "Christmas Shop," where visitors can order personalized ornaments and other Christmas goodies. 

For more information about her services or upcoming workshops, visit




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