NEW ORLEANS (press release) – From the food and beverage team that brought you St. Roch Market, Auction House Market, and Market Supper Club, comes Parcel, a subscription service that brings prepared meals directly to your doorstep each week from a variety of local chefs you know and love.

Patrons purchase a subscription to a preset number of meals for delivery each week. Then, each Wednesday, they receive an email to customize that week’s selections from a revolving menu from talented local chefs. Add-ons are available each week which include curated board games, activities for kids, cocktail kits and wine pairings.

Meals are delivered refrigerated in insulated recyclable bags, so that they can be consumed throughout the week as desired. Each meal is designed to be heated at home in under ten minutes with instructions provided by the chefs themselves.

One of the most exciting parts is that participating chefs will customize their menu options weekly so patrons can choose meals from across a number of cuisines to provide variety and entertainment at home, like a food hall.

Weekly options will include dishes from our food halls that cover a spectrum of cuisines from Italian to Japanese, however there are also plans to announce guest collaborators from across the industry.

Individual meals can be purchased for as low as $12.45 each for four meals a week. Kids meals are also in development.

“We wanted customers to get both variety and restaurant-quality but also the flexibility to heat meals throughout the week to supplement a meal plan” said Will Donaldson, Politan Group’s CEO. “Parcel is a perfect supplementary meal option for a range of people, from a busy individual to a small group. When paired with games or wines, it becomes a weeknight entertainment option.”

Parcel was developed to support our family of chef-entrepreneurs during COVID19. It’s a safe, fun way to continue to connect to the food community and supports their small businesses directly.


Parcel launches Thursday, Sept. 24 at